Daily Qik Video Updates

2009-11-24 ch vid avatar iPhone

Because I simply love technology (more specifically my iPhone and qik.com), and because Christians should be exploiting every opportunity we can to affect culture through said technology, I’ve decided to start posting daily video updates, live, from my iPhone. I’ll alert you through Twitter and FaceBook when I’ll be going live, while the feeds will automatically be categorized and archived for later viewing if you wish. ch:

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  • http://whisperedroars.blogspot.com Nathan Petrie

    So will we be able to chat with you like on the signings feed? Or just hear you tatlk to us? lol

    • http://www.christopherhopper.com Christopher Hopper

      You’ll be able to chat with me, bro! Very cool technology. Thanks for your interest. ch:

  • http://storytellerjourney.blogspot.com Storyteller

    What a neat idea! It sounds like a lot of fun.