Switzerland: Food

I thought it would be fun to show you a few pics of food from a day here in Switzerland.

Breakfast is cafe (coffee) and a hot croissant. No American version can compare. Flaky and buttery–what a mystery.

At a three course lunch in a fine restaurant, you’ll be served a typical meat-plate served at the beginning of a meal, complete with a little cheese, some dill pickles, and sweet onions.

Next, fresh salad served in a house vinaigrette. The shredded carrots is very French.

The main course is fresh perch, caught that morning from the local lake, and les frittes (aka “French Fries,” but not here). No, the ketchup is just for the crazy American.

After, another round of cafe.

If you can stomach dinner a few hours later (which I couldn’t today), you might have any number of local or exotic dishes. But if you wait long enough, you might get a trip to the local kabab restaurant. Witness my half-devoured kebab, followed by some Turkish Mint Tea (on the house).

Bon appetite! ch:

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  1. Joseph Gilchrist says

    My mouth literally just starting watering when I got down to the picture of the Kebab. I might be legitimately angry at you for showing me that. haha


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