The Bird Has Landed


After a quick round of sushi in Dulles’ A-Terminal, Joseph and I boarded our non-stop flight to Geneva.

Surprisingly (and refreshingly) empty, I was able to stretch out in the middle section and sleep for 5 hours – always a plus when traveling East and trying to catch up on the time change.

Upon arriving, we were picked up promptly by Stephan – a wonderful husband, father of 2, and musician. He weaved us through mountain tunnels and along stunning lake-vistas bathed in the glow of the rising sun.

We’re sitting tight at our host home, then playing at La Chapelle de Clarens this evening for what I expect to be a refreshing night of worship and teaching among these beautiful people. ch:



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  • Beth Walrath

    Absolutely beautiful! Enjoy your time. Continued prayers for you & Joseph. Praying for a blessed & fruitful trip.

    • Christopher Hopper

      Thanks Beth!

  • james mergenthaler

    be blessed Christopher – your ministry and prayer are such a gift. Proclaim the truth, especially when it costs you.

    • Christopher Hopper

      Thanks my brother. You’re a continued encouragement to me.

  • Nathan R.

    Travel safe and cherish the small moments. Do what you do best, God will do the rest.

    • Christopher Hopper

      Thanks my brother. Appreciate your encouragement so much. (Talked about you tonight while discussing wine from Buselish [sp?] and Porto).

    • Nathan R.

      I hope it was in good terms 😉

      Bucelas –

    • Christopher Hopper

      Absolutely! Fond memories.

      And thanks for the spelling; sorry I butchered it.

  • Jennifer Hopper

    Gorgeous photo! Have a great time:)

    • Christopher Hopper

      Thanks my wonderful. It’s going so well, just wish you were here to enjoy it all with me…

      You’re the most amazing woman I know.

  • Christian Fahey

    Stunning photography, C! As un temps fantastique a la Suisse. Et toi et Joseph, mangez beaucoups des poissons (qui s’appelle “sushi”) dans ta voyage! Je sais que tu et Joseph travailles pour Dieu en Europe avec tous vos force. Excellente!

    • Christopher Hopper

      Il a mange trop de sushi hier soir! Ooo la la! Regarde les photos du ce matin. Et du vin? Ou est toi?! :)

    • Christian Fahey

      Oh la la! Les photos sont magnifiques. Quand je les regarde, j’ai ces mots dans ma tete: “We all came out to Montreux, on the Lake Geneva shoreline, to make records with a mobile…” Ah, des souvenirs d’un vielle “rocker”. As un jour magnifique, mon ami!

    • Christopher Hopper

      Love it!