Water Bottle Microphone


Last week Pastor Kirk spoke into the water bottle in his right hand instead of the mic in his left. To make light of his temporary lapse of perceptive consciousness, he then tried to drink from the mic.

My father Peter found a solution and presented it to him today. Kudos to both pastors for having fun in the midst of their labor. It’s a good lesson for all of us.


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  • DaddyH

    Thank you.Yes,it’s my latest
    design: This is the Black Baby Bottle Spring Water-Clear Cap(sule) St.Lawrence Seaway Model. #BBBSLS-CC0001a. It’s characteristics’ are: Uni-directional,with superb sensitivity too. Stage tested under vigorous pastoral preaching conditions.Leakproof case,very low handling noise.Free mic holder too. Solid or elastic shock mounts available.
    For stage or studio.Guaranteed 100% Pure!
    Wireless or XLR Models ready to ship now.Standard colors: black,blue or green.Choice of colored water,or clear. Projected to be worth a small Vintage Mic fortune very shortly. A great,”must have/go to mic” addition to any Mic Locker.

    • Gabe

      hahaha! 😀

    • http://www.christopherhopper.com Christopher Hopper

      Ha ha – perfect.

  • Taisia

    Lol! That’s hilarious! 😀