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  • Mike Kim

    I got the message loud and clear!

    THIS = Tanzania HIV Indicator Service! Have a great mission trip and blessings on your work!

    • Christopher Hopper

      Oh lord…

    • Mike Kim

      Sum Ting Wong?

    • Christopher Hopper

      No, that’s my friend’s second illegitimate Asian child.

  • Brett

    I read ‘This’ and at first I thought, ‘This’ is it? what is ‘This’ all about? Then it hit me, ‘This’ is the literary breakthrough I’ve been waiting for.

    Thank you, for ‘This’.

    P.S. ‘This’ was great.

    • Christopher Hopper

      Thanks for pointing out that about this.

  • Sarah Novak

    “this” may be all you were able to write today, but you accomplished so much more than “this” today.

    • Christopher Hopper

      Thanks for your thoughts about this and that.

    • Aaron Novak

      I was gonna say what about “that” but you have apperntally already addressed that. Literary genius! And literally a genius.

    • Christopher Hopper

      Thanks for this, and that.

  • Beth

    I don’t have time to read “this” right now. Will have to do it later. Haha.

    Hope your busy day was productive and blessed. :)

    • Christopher Hopper

      There’s always time for this later.

  • Michelle

    I see your THIS

    And I counter with my own. . ..


    • Christopher Hopper

      That’s more impressive then this, certainly. But if that’s all you got, I may have to counter with those.

  • Nathan

    sometimes THIS is the best thing ever! THIS is all you get, present tense, THIS. I’m sure you made the most of THIS day

    • Christopher Hopper

      I certainly hope so. This demanded more than that, and netted me less than those, though not fewer than this.

    • Nathan

      That was then, now take this and make it great!

    • Christopher Hopper

      Doing and done.

  • Camden

    Came here to say this. LITERALLY this.

    • Christopher Hopper

      Thanks for this.

  • Sarah

    This is making me crack up, but I have no idea why . . .