The Two Most Life-Sucking Words I Tell Myself by Mike Kim

Mike Kim Post
Thought this was a powerful post by my good friend, Mike Kim. Click through to his website for the rest of the story; I promise you’ll be challeneged.


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Ever compare yourself to others? Ever compare yourself…to yourself?

I do. It doesn’t matter what season of life or how old I get, these two words always seem to make me lose sleep and suck the life out of me. I’ve written a blog about them, and it seems it’s hit a nerve with quite a few people already.

The Two Most Life-Sucking Words I Tell Myself

Take a quick read, chime in on the conversation, and maybe we can get rid of these words once and for all!

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  • Mike Kim

    What! Didn’t know you posted to me! Thanks so much bro. Just now catching up on CH stuff :)

    By now…I should be in a boat on the river with you…

    • Christopher Hopper

      Yes. Yes, you should.