Day 2 at Creation Fest NE 2011

Thanks to all those who came out to Creation fest NE this year! It was so great meeting you, and such an honor to help push you into the plans and purposes of God for your life. If we aren’t connected on Facebook yet, please open up a new tab here and “like.” Likewise, you can get daily bald craziness from me by following my twitter feed here.

As Joseph and I made out way back to the Woods 3 stage on the hill overlooking the rest of Creation [ha!], we noticed even more people than yesterday were filling in early. Harry Thomas [pictured below] noted that all the teaching stages were packed out this year. “I think teens are really hungry for the Word, not just great music,” he said in a meeting at the Admin Office. In light of so many negative statements by disgruntled complainers, what a great commentary on our generation’s youth!

I’m not sure how you can “pack out the woods,” but we did! My message for Friday was on the role of the Arts within the Church. I really felt like I delivered the message well and was able to connect people with the inspiring heart of the Lord to use their gifts to promote Him.

I’ve made the PDFs of my notes for both messages available below, as well as the promised “Crickets Soundtrack” recording I used during Friday’s message. The audio recordings of the message’s themselves will be available on Creation Fest’s website later on this month.

Of course my favorite part about any event is meeting people, and Creation is no exception. Hearing their stories, praying together, and celebrating victories are some of my joys. One dad, Charlie, said he was so touched by “a conference that was loving on his daughter.” When I asked him to elaborate, he went on to explain that the only 1 of his 6 children to want to attend Creation with him was also the only unsaved one. With tears in his eyes he said, “My 18-year-old daughter is being loved on by the people here. She bumps into someone accidentally and they apologize profusely; she drops something and they pick it up for her. She can’t understand why everyone is so kind. She’s actually seeing a manifestation of Jesus’ love in them.” We prayed for her salvation together and then hugged.

Another great personality was a surfer from south Florida named Tom [pictured below]. His heart is to reach the beach community through the use of visual communications. And boy is he! Between his inflatable screens promoting the Gospel and his conversation starting t-shirts, Tom’s heart for evangelism through unorthodox methods made me a believer. I loved his t-shirt so much he even went back to his campsite and gave me one! Email him if you’d like to order one.

Thanks to everyone that came out! Go and be everything God has called you to! ch:

MESSAGE PDF: The Purpose and Power of Music

MESSAGE PDF: The Role of the Arts within the Church

Crickets MP3:

DOWNLOAD: Crickets Soundtrack

“We love you, Jennifer!” from Creation to @jenniferlhopper VIDEO

Bringing Heaven To Earth: Akiane

Bill Johnson has written extensively on the concept of bringing heaven to earth, of manifesting the divine through human hands, of creating something long ahead of its time. It’s one thing to read it, it’s quite another thing to see it .

Watching a miracle occur right in front of your face is certainly a perfect instance of this. Seeing someone healed of an infirmity is, no matter how many times I witness it, astounding. You can’t explain it…other than to say “God did this.”

Akiane Portrait But miracles are not limited to physical healing, as we all know. Sudden changes in someone’s character, salvation and forgiveness are all miracles in their own right–all works of the Holy Spirit. But what about art?

For those who frequent my site, you know all too well my soap box about the arts and my passion for excellence. But the artist I’d like to introduce you to today transcends excellence by jumping right to the divine. Literally.

12-year-old Akiane (pronounced AH-kee-AHN-uh) is a child prodigy painter and poet. Many of you may already know of her; but if not, allow me to introduce you to someone who has the hand of God on her life in a beautiful way. Painting what the Lord shows her of heaven, of Himself and of others, she has made waves in the Christian and secular worlds alike, even making a believer out of her once Atheist mother.

I encourage you to watch the video below, and then check out her entire website here . Her story is quite compelling and speaks of God’s genius at work in us–mere mortals.

Thanks for reading,