Why Doesn’t God Heal People Anymore?

If you’re a Christian you’ve heard the question asked more than once. And probably asked it a few times yourself.

“Why doesn’t God heal people anymore?”

God needs me least of all to defend him; he’s big enough to do that himself. But might I point out a few obvious truths?

The life expectancy of Americans in the 1800’s floated around 40-45 years. Which would mean I have about 10 years left before I’m gone. Scarier still is that that number drops into the 30’s once you hit the 1700’s and the 1600’s.

Advances in science, personal hygiene and food practices have all contributed to the longevity of the populace. But where did those advances come from?

The big bang. I know.

But really?

I’d contend that the Lord has been healing us all along by depositing his “superior ways of doing life” into the hearts and minds of those with a genuine heart to see mankind rise above the adverse affects of sin we donned upon ourselves. He’s been healing us with wisdom for a very long time.

Maybe not the answer you were expecting, but one we must process nonetheless.

Another obvious truth is that not only do we fail to ascribe credit where credit is due, but we’re forgetful.

One of the more depressing segments of human history can be found in the documentation of the Children of Israel and their utter forgetfulness about the miracles that they lived through. I’m not talking headache relief with an Aspirin kind of miracles, I’m talking food falling from the sky everyday kind of miracles.

And yet God chastised them. Because they so easily forgot. In fact, they failed so miserably at remembering all the miracles they had seen that their kids never knew about it all:

“There arose another generation after them, which knew not the LORD, nor yet the works which he had done for Israel.” (Judges 2:10)

You’ve probably already forgotten about legit healings you’ve heard about in the past. Because you and I are not that far removed from the Children of Israel.

We hear (Hebrews 3:16) and yet forget. And that forgetting provokes unbelief which keeps us from entering in (3:19).

Two years ago New Life started a Twitter account dedicated solely to documenting, in list form, miracles that were breaking out just among our church family. Re-reading it today is staggering, as I forgot about all those wonderful events. Until now.

I think I’ll go update that account.

So we can remember.

So we can give credit where credit is due.

A better question than “Why doesn’t God heal anymore?” is “How do we forget so easily?” And if the Children of Israel had the holy writings of their leaders – arguably more substantial than a Twitter account – how can I possibly do any better?


Remembering the works of the Lord in our day is a choice. It’s deliberate. It’s intentionally looking for and acknowledging his work around is every day.

Where is the Lord?

Where is he not.

Where are all the miracles?

Everywhere. All day. Every day. We must chose to see them.