How do you read caution signs?


I was sitting next to a dumpster today and just had to take a picture of this sign. Why? Not only do I find random signs perfect blog material, but I love when something from left-field provokes an unexpected response from me.

If you’re anything like my friend Chris Mooney (i.e. always looking for a loophole just for the sake of picking a fight), then you probably answered this caution sign as I did:

“OK. But you didn’t say I couldn’t go under it.”

It seems just when righteousness has us cornered with expectations, limits, and standards, we naturally find a way around, over, or yes–under–the situation. It’s a our natural tendency. Not so? Then how come you never need to teach kids this concept? Like the time I found Evangeline in the kitchen one morning having eaten an entire package of stale Shamrock-green Peeps. Of course, there was no evidence left in the package, so when I asked if she had eaten them, she candidly said, “Nuh uh,” and pointed to her brother. Mind you, her lips were a nice shade of Blue #2 and Yellow #5.

Do yourself and your family & friends a favor, and ask the Holy Spirit what rules your convieniantly avoiding, swide-stepping, or undermining simply because the fine print didn’t include your personal exception. Chances are, the Holy Ghost is already haunting you on the subject. (That’s because he’s a Ghost). ch: