Buddies Make Movie Tickets

Buddies do things together.

They make tree forts, play basketball, and go swimming in the river.

Buddies help each other, too.

They pull out splinters, fix bike chains, and make movie tickets for each other when their parents are too busy to take them to the real thing.

But when buddies grow up, they become “friends.”

While the term of endearment may change, the need for their nearness doesn’t. Tree forts become cook outs and bike chains become marriage advice. If anything, we need our buddies even more as adults than we did as children.

God never intended us to be solely self-dependent or self-reliant. Nor was our birth family alone supposed to be the end-all solution for companionship; it’s interesting that Jesus himself is alluded to as a “friend” that’s superior in calibre to that of a birth brother (Prov. 18:24).

While I have positive occasional contact with my childhood buddies, most of the men in my life today are products of providence and of choice cultivated over the last ten years or so.

And I am very blessed indeed. We’ve traded peanut butter and jelly for dinning room entrees, BMX bikes for minivans, and Ataris for iPhones. But the genuine care for one another’s health and wellbeing hasn’t changed at all.

Maybe it’s just stronger.

To all the men close to me today: thanks for being my pals. I couldn’t do this without you. Nor would I want to.

If there are buddies in your world who’ve helped you navigate and enjoy the waters of life, make sure to thank them this week. I’m sure you’ll find they’re just as grateful.

Who knows; maybe they’ll even do a real movie with you just for fun. ch:


New Life Media: Staff Training Week

One of my latest co-creations is coming to life today. I do wish I could enjoy it a little more – 15-hour work days for a week straight leaves the sensory capacitors a little numb – but I’m thrilled regardless.

New Life Media is a marketing firm specializing in public image design, and is the brain child of master designer Jason Clement, business guru Kirk Gilchrist, marketing sensation John Cobb, and myself – master guru of sensational something or otherness.

While the company’s website won’t be public for another week or so, we have employee orientation and training all this week. We’ll be unwrapping new iPads, playing with toys, trying on apparel, talking tech and design, smelling new business cards, and diving into our sales strategies and delivery models.

As with any new for-profit venture, I get fired up about having the ability to employ people (something I’ve learned I can do much better than the government, thank you very much). One of my greatest joys in life is to help provide income earning positions that fit with peoples’ dreams. It’s truly a privilege, and I’ve fallen into it by sovereignty, not on purpose.

Many good things await New Life Media. And many organizations will be better for her existence. Here’s to another Kingdom business birthed for God’s glory. ch:

UPDATE 5:54pm ET – What a fantastic first day for all involved. I’ll be posting pics tomorrow. Lots of laughs, and lots of good content. Very proud of our new staff. Thank you Travis, Kristen, Nina, Rebekah, Candy, Theresa, John, Kirk, Jason, and Jamie for doing our office build out! Peace.

Auto-Ministry Snapshot

Jenny and I made a morning run to Panera Bread.

I snapped some pics of a vintage Spitfire out front.

The group of car-collecting old guys inside offered to sell it to me, which turned in to a light-hearted (and comedic) conversation about automobiles, friendship, and the state of their garages.

Time to order.

I said fair-well and went to have breakfast with Jenny.

About 30-minutes later, the 67-year-old owner of the car stopped by our table. Within 5-minutes he was sharing his amazing life-story with us, and we were given the privilege of praying for healing for his sister, Diane, who was on her deathbed.

All because I took two pictures with my iPhone.

Despite whatever lies the Devil feeds you, ministry is easy. And it’s everywhere.

Go take some pictures and see what happens. ch:


My Best Friend

So many of my posts are about my kids. Let’s face it: they are a source of endless content.

But the most important person in my life next to Jesus is my wife, Jennifer. My bride. My best friend. My second Holy Spirit. My inspiration when I’m at my lowest, and my checks and balances when I’m aloft. I would be dead without her.

And as I was taking some pictures of her this morning to capture the last few weeks of her pregnancy, I was once again spellbound by her beauty, and awestruck at exactly how and why the Lord gave me such a perfect gift.

I love you, Jenny Lee. ch:

Friends Are Like Blocks

In sailing, a captain and crew rely heavily on the use of blocks, known to landlubbers as pulleys. The mechanical advantage generated by a block allows an exponentially greater amount of work to be done, especially when sheeting-in (or pulling in) massive sails which can harness enough wind power to pull a multi-ton boat through the water at speed.

Without blocks, a sailor would be holding the full weight of a wind-laden sail in his hands. It would rip his arms off if he didn’t fly off the deck first.

It’s no wonder we were never meant to go through life alone, nor were we designed to work alone. Chose your friends carefully; they’re the best blocks you’ll ever have. ch: