Mission: Diamond Ring


Above and beyond the cool video you’re about to see, I’m thrilled for and proud of Joseph Gilchrist and Ciara Shaw. In light of pop culture’s sad attempt to dethrone God’s institution of marriage, its important we honor just what’s happening: two Christ-followers (a male and female), wishing to honor the Lord by covenanting together for life. (In the continually disturbing progressive model, today’s headlines showcase the National Cathedral in Washington, DC announcing they’ll be conducting homosexual marriage). And further, we must endeavor to honor those who are doing it right: honoring God, parents and friends in their daily lifestyle. If ever we needed examples for the upcoming generation, it’s now.

Cool marriage proposals have popped up all over the Internet. And why shouldn’t they? Any chance we have to promote marriage should be jumped on. And how much more when it’s people we know and cherish?

It was my joy to be apart of planning, staging, dancing in (said loosely), and editing the video for this event. Hope you enjoy it, too, and share with your friends and family.

Gilchrist/Shaw Flash Mob Proposal on YouTube.

Feel free to leave a comment for Joseph and Ciara below; I’ll let them know to check in and read them.


Expanding Our Dialog


Last night was more than just a good opportunity to serve a wonderful youth ministry in a sister city; I love me some BCY in Syracuse.

It was a great opportunity to keep the ball rolling.

I see bold youth ministries across the country stepping up to the plate of addressing the topics of sex, homo-and-trans-sexuality, and marriage, like never before.

If your ministry isn’t, it must.

The conversation has already started. If you’re not talking to a teen about these subjects, you can guarantee someone else is.

And if anyone should, shouldn’t it be Christians who are directly connected to the Inventor of sex and marriage in the first place?

I love just how much God has to say about the subject, and I’ve made my notes available as a free PDF download in yesterday’s post. Communicating truth that’s utterly, painstakingly drenched in a long-term demonstration of love is essential toward rescuing broken, disenfranchised teens and restoring their identity.

I also have some guest bloggers coming up that I believe will be incredibly poignant.

When we do things God’s way, we always get the best results.

Keep talking; keep learning. ch: