Dalkeith, Scotland – Day 1

ch-ichat-logo.png So Jennifer and I have officially arrived in the land of the Scots. And my, what a fair and glorious land it is! But apart from its rich history, both spiritual and socially, we have found a true treasure of treasures: The Meldrum Family.

Our hosts for this week are David and Helen Meldrum and their son, my dear friend, Philip (pictured just below in the previous post). I first met Philip nearly six years ago when I preached for a youth conference in Calrsburg, Belgium. Since then we have gotten to know each other through the EDEN discipleship school in Longuyon, France. When Philip finally returned home to work with his father’s church, it was he that requested we come minister for a week.

And so here we are! David and Helen are truly angels–gifts from above. I think I have never met such sweet and kind people as these in all my life. They carry such a sweet presence of the Lord and walk in grace and humility–a true gift of hospitality in every Biblical sense of the word.

While David and Philip are running off to a prayer meeting (10pm-2am!) Jennifer and I are hitting the hay after over 20 hours traveling. We just said goodnight to our kids on Video iChat and this is my last act of the night: writing to you all!

Thanks for your prayers while we’re away. I’ll continue to use the new Flickr feature that Jason set up for me to send you new pics from my iPhone, so check back frequently. This will be a very exciting trip with lots to see!

Thanks for reading!