ROTD Update: InDesign

Rise of the Dibor has had a week-long delay, but for good reason.

While I was using MS Word to lay out the interior design, it’s a fairly limited program (even 2011). Having experienced many of the same frustrations I was, Chris & Allan Miller of Spearhead suggested I try using InDesign instead, and Allan took the lead in creating a template we could use for all our future books, not just mine. Then Jason Clement further tweaked it and gave me a crash-course on InDesign last night during a summer gathering at our place. The tutorial was challenging, and stretched my brain a little, but super fun once I learned how powerful of a tool it is.

All of their labors will allow for a much better product, and at this point I want to make sure it’s done right. Looking for the final product to hit presses by week’s end. ch:

What’s a skill you recently picked up? Who taught you, and how did it make you feel?