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If you get the ACLJ’s newsletter, then you got this note like I did. If you haven’t, consider this your invite to write President Hassan Rouhani, and plea for him to spare and release Pastor Saeed.

From the confines of his prison cell, Pastor Saeed has written a letter to Iran’s new president asking for his freedom.

His heartfelt plea: “Considering the fact that I came to Iran to serve the orphans, please do not let them make my children orphans and my wife without a guardian.”

We have joined with Pastor Saeed, launching a brand-new letter-writing campaign to Iran’s president on a brand-new website. It’s a critical effort, and your response has been overwhelming.

In just the first 48 hours, we are already over two-thirds the way to our goal – 52,000 letters for the 52 weeks of his illegal imprisonment.

You can sign the letter or write one of your own, and we will deliver it to Iran’s president.

Be Heard! Write a letter for Pastor Saeed’s freedom today.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

Read over the form letter, respectfully add whatever else you feel needs to be said (but be sure to adhere to the site’s recommendations via the pop up window), and send-away. Please continue to pray for this wonderful man.

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus of Nazareth
Matthew 5:10


Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani Released From Iranian Prison

READ: Christian pastor jailed in Iran for 3 years is freed

Proof that there is power in community, and leveraging the collective voice of social media. Blessings on those who worked so hard to see this amazing day come to pass! Now let’s continue to shower Iran with the love of Jesus, and see His grace extended to even the most underserving.

UPDATE: 9.22.2012 – Read story on his thank-you letter here.


Iranian Pastor Sentenced to Death


For those that remember, I first shared about the 2009 imprisonment and possible death penalty decision of 34-year old Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani back in September 2011.

Today international presses and human rights watch groups (all except the ACLU from what I can gather) are condemning Iran’s High Court verdict of passing down the death sentence for abandoning Islam.

Please read the Fox News piece in full here.

This is in no doubt part of growing international sanctions on the sovereign kingdom, further proof that these leaders require our sincere prayers, and need exactly what Youcef could now give his life for: a relationship with Jesus Christ. Although it could be argued that Youcef and his family have already been giving their lives for this purpose; it’s the lifestyle of preaching the Gospel, not a martyr’s death, that most aggravates the enemy.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) recently launched a Twitter campaign to bring awareness to Youcef’s plight, already hitting over 400,000 Tweets and 150 nations (#TheOfficialACLJ).

I would strongly encourage you to share this story – whether my blog or any one of the international pieces published – with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, email contacts, text buddies, classmates, and coworkers. And please pray for the salvation of Iran and the release of Pastor Youcef to keep doing what he was born to do; reach his nation for Jesus. ch:

Me. But Somewhere Else.

Who are you today?

Me? I’m 32 years old. I have 1 amazing bride and 4 super cute children.

I’m also an associate pastor.

But I live the United States of America. I’m free. To worship. To share. To express.

“Me” somewhere else today – right now – could be Yusuf Naderkhani.

Also 32.

With a wife and children.

A pastor.

Who’s attorneys are hopeful that a corrupt Iranian judicial system will overturn his death sentence today.

A death sentence issued because he failed to renounce his belief in Jesus Christ as God.

Aside from my disgust that the UN is entertaining the whims of a modern day Hitler as if he had legitimate rights, it’s imperative that we remember all politics – right, wrong, or asinine – affect people.

Just a few thousand miles from my home, another version of “me” is in jail.

Read Yusuf Naderkhani’s story. And pray for ALL the people of Iran.

Then ask yourself: how am I utilizing the freedom I’ve been given to know God and make Him known? Because the “you” in another country might not be alive anymore to do the same work. ch: