I Love Lamp. I Love Lion.

I downloaded Lion for MacBook Pro yesterday.

•••I love how they’ve implemented more “gestures” on the touchpad: Mission Control, right-swipe to Dashboard, and the up/down reverse (which takes some getting used to, but makes it feel more tactile, like you’re manipulating e-paper).

•••I like how they’ve modernized some of the regular interfaces, like the login-screen (and made it fit my head perfectly).

•••Love how the new Mail follows conversations like iOS does (and they didn’t do that sooner because…?).

•••And little things like changing “Turn AirPort On/Off” to “Turn Wi-Fi On/Off.” While AirPort was original, it was like trying to rename an already established colloquialism.

Expect a wait: 3.6Gb download took under 10-min at my office, but *much* longer for some of my friends abroad. Took about 30-min to install, and Mail took about 5-min to re-archive. But the whole process was simple, and smooth (downloaded straight from AppStore).

Two thumbs up from me, and further proof to all unbelievers that Apple does do it best. ch: