Celebrating Good Men

Negative sells. That’s why we subconsciously think dads are dead beats by default in the news world.

The opposite is true, however, at least in my little corner of the map.

So here’s to highlighting two amazing men that humbly represent manhood to their generation, two men who’ll never make the 6 o’clock news simply for being great: Jason Clement (center) and Nathan Reimer (right).

Men who endeavor to be faithful husbands; who care deeply about the physical and spiritual wellbeing of their wives and children; who work more than their share of long hours in order to be proven good stewards; who are faithful friends, spanning time and distance; and who’ve resolved to point their children toward Jesus by first submitting their own lives before God as living examples of obedience, most often feeling they’ve missed the mark when the Father is thrilled that they’re even trying.

We’re charged in Titus 1 to be “lovers of good men.” And I’m honored to call them two of my very dearest friends. So glad they could finally meet yesterday.

Negative may sell, but it’s forgotten. Positive leaves legacy. ch:



Singled Out

Have you ever gotten a gift that’s thoughtfulness far outweighs it’s monetary value?

You mean, this car’s cash value is less than what it means to you, Christopher?

Nice. I wish.

I woke up this morning to a direct message on Twitter, sent last night by my friend Nathan Reimer. (I suppose the irony here is I’m posting his DM on a highly public forum):

“wish you were here with us at watkins glen tonight”

Included was the photograph above.

The point here is a very dear, old friend was thinking of me. And took a second to use technology, and a forum (Twitter) that’s usually expressly public, to single me out. It wasn’t even a pic of him or his gorgeous family; it was a sports car – vehicles we both love, harkening back to Europe – and of a locale close to his family (in-laws are in the auto business).

This is probably lost on most people, but I edited the photo with an old-envelope border reminiscent of letters I used to get from Portugal where Nathan grew up.


Heck yes.

But it has a point.

For all the naysayers, social media does work (or else it wouldn’t be so popular). Because it connects people along the thoroughfare of shared experiences and – therefore – memories.

So give a friend a memory today. An old one. A new one. But single them out. Then leave a comment below; I’d love to know what you did and why – if you don’t mind sharing. ch:


Dads Can Cook Too!

One of my oldest and bestest buddies, Nathan Reimer, is host to one of my all-time favorite blogs: dadscancooktoo.com

As if that’s not enough, he asked me to guest post on it this month. Heck yeah!

So for a little glimpse of what things are like in the Hopper home around dinner time, including a little parenting drama, check my post out. And follow Nathan on Twitter while you’re at it.

To your health! ch:

PS: Leave a comment over there, too, and I’ll respond!