Celebrating Good Men

Negative sells. That’s why we subconsciously think dads are dead beats by default in the news world.

The opposite is true, however, at least in my little corner of the map.

So here’s to highlighting two amazing men that humbly represent manhood to their generation, two men who’ll never make the 6 o’clock news simply for being great: Jason Clement (center) and Nathan Reimer (right).

Men who endeavor to be faithful husbands; who care deeply about the physical and spiritual wellbeing of their wives and children; who work more than their share of long hours in order to be proven good stewards; who are faithful friends, spanning time and distance; and who’ve resolved to point their children toward Jesus by first submitting their own lives before God as living examples of obedience, most often feeling they’ve missed the mark when the Father is thrilled that they’re even trying.

We’re charged in Titus 1 to be “lovers of good men.” And I’m honored to call them two of my very dearest friends. So glad they could finally meet yesterday.

Negative may sell, but it’s forgotten. Positive leaves legacy. ch:



Being Like You

Yesterday I was prepping for my short stint in Switzerland and France later this month. I rarely get out of my pajamas on my days off. I grabbed an acoustic and flipped open the laptop.

Within moments Judah joined me. He dragged in my first acoustic, demanded a pick, and sat down in his diaper.

Apparently it was his day off, too.

We played together for about 20 minutes. That’s a long sitting for a 2.5 year old.

And then the flashback began.

I used to do the same exact thing. Strumming the strings. Mesmerized by their motion, the tone. By the fact that I could produce sound from it.

And that I was being like my parents.

Replicating who we’re around is a part of our DNA. It’s nearly impossible to turn off.

Make sure you’re spending time around those you want to be like. Then make sure you’re the kind if person you want others to be like. ch: