Sail Free, Ditch the Weight

Working hard today? I sure hope not. But everyone’s bound to pull up a little seaweed with their anchor, even while relaxing.

Labor Day was first formed in 1882 to celebrate the economic and social contributions of the American worker.

The key word being contributions.

I am anything but a union supporter, and my politics would just as soon tell you why we should repeal Davis & Bacon, and utterly reject the notion that the Federal Government should tell businesses where they can operate and what labor-sanctioned-products they must endorse.

Talk about being too big for our britches.

But past all the cookouts and fish fries, politicking and debating, the future of our great nation rests not in large government’s ability to mandate and regulate, but in the hands of her people, those willing to “work it.”

To contribute.

And that’s the majority of the people I meet.

It is a sad and frustrating day when the leaders of our nation are mostly attorneys, and have never had to meet a payroll, work a register, stock a shelf, or – as we’re all very aware of – balance a budget.

To all those dads working overtime, moms taking the second job, and teens out interviewing for your first job, today is for you. And I salute you. You’re the ones truly leading the country.

Every other sorry bum that doesn’t have a legit excuse for why they can’t at least click a mouse and learn data-entry on Excel, or handout sales flyers at Sam’s Club, stop squatting on our holiday.

Carrying seaweed is exhausting. ch: