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One of the reasons I love Spearhead Books so much is because I can do things as an author that a legacy publisher would never allow me to do.

Like let people read my entire book for free whenever they want online:

Rise of the Dibor

The Lion Vrie

Athera’s Dawn

To those of you who’ve been wanting to try my books out, go ahead. They’re all yours. (And please make sure to “like” our Facebook page here!).

And to those of you with a more critical take on this, begging for an explanation, let me break it down.

Contrary to popular belief, people don’t like to steal. In fact, as a race, we tend to have a very hard time accepting anything for free. We tend to want to reply with a gift of our own. A thank you of sorts.

The mere fact that something is offered for free does two things:

1.) It fuels the spread of content socially.

2.) It increases revenue.

The first point is easy to understand. But how does the second work? By giving readers the opportunity to give back.

In my free PDFs of The White Lion Chronicles (which can only be read online at, there are 3 ads all giving readers multiple levels of financial action that help me keep writing books.

And people tend to click on them.

Starting around Thanksgiving, I started posting a chapter a day of Athera’s Dawn (Book 3) right here on my site. A lot of people were shocked. How can you do that? The real question is how can I not? Statically, people read the first five chapters and then opt to purchase the print edition (*based on page visits and click throughs). I expect the number of sales to increase significantly once the e-book versions are made available as the price points are substantially lower (as they should be).

So read up! And don’t forget to help me keep feeding my kids. ch:

Local Schools and CiCi’s Pizza Play Host to National Authors

Local Schools and CiCi’s Pizza Play Host to National Authors

By Kristen Japowicz – Wednesday, November 30, 2011

WATERTOWN, NY – Young Adult Fiction authors Christopher & Allan Miller, as well as local author and entrepreneur Christopher Hopper, will be dining with fans of their nationally published book series for two nights at CiCi’s Pizza in the Stateway Plaza, Thursday December 8th and Friday December 9th from 6pm to close.

The evenings are a part of their publisher’s “Discover the Adventure of Reading and Writing Tour,” which includes appearances at local Jefferson County schools, including Indian River, Wiley, and South Jeff, as well as some live radio interviews.

“Visiting schools and meeting students who have read our books is one of the hidden treasures of being a writer,” says Spearhead Book’s co-founder Christopher Miller. “When you see the light go on in the student’s imagination, that’s the best feeling of all.”

“We wanted to take this experience beyond the class room, too,” says Hopper, speaking of the evening activities at his restaurant on Arsenal Street. “Hosting these nights at CiCi’s is a great way to connect with families and have fun.”

More than just pizza will be for sale at CiCi’s, too; the author’s books, including The Miller Brothers’ new Mech Mice series, Code Bearers series, and Hopper’s newly published trilogy, The White Lion Chronicles, will be available for purchase.

“I’m really stoked about this,” says CiCi’s General Manager Shane Marolf. “I think it’s going to leave a very positive impact with a lot of families.”

For more information on the tour itinerary visit or log on to for more details.

– – –

Purchase Christopher’s new trilogy here!

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December 8th
Spearhead Books’ Discover the Adventure of Reading and Writing Tour
-8:15am-8:30am on-air with Johnny Spezzano The Border
-9:00am-11:00am Wiley Middle School Workshops
-12:20pm-2:00pm Indian River Middle School Workshop
-5:00pm-6:00pm on-air with Glenn Curry AM 1240
-6:00pm-11:00pm CiCi’s Pizza “Dinner With The Authors”
December 9th
Spearhead Books’ Discover the Adventure of Reading and Writing Tour
-9:00am-12:00pm South Jefferson School Workshops
-6:00pm-11:00pm CiCi’s Pizza “Dinner With The Authors”

Thanksgiving Day Surprise

UPDATE 11.25: I’m letting my followers read every chapter of Athera’s Dawn right here on my blog.

– – –

The White Lion Chronicles


I can hardly believe I’m writing this. Athera’s Dawn is finished, and available. For the first time since the books were conceived, the Chronicles are now as a complete trilogy.

And what better day than Thanksgiving to announce this on. I woke up at 6am this morning to the email saying the books were ready to order.

I am so incredibly thankful to God for granting me the opportunity to pen these manuscripts, planting the ideas and the creativity deep with in my spirit to such an extent that they would not let go, even in the darkest of times.

I’m thankful to my wife and children for allowing giving me the freedom to write, even when it meant I had to spend long hours disconnected from them. Even now, Luik is sitting beside me on the couch, the first one up in the house.

I’m thankful for you, my faithful readers, many of whom have been waiting for this end as long as I have. I appreciate you. Long ago I decided that I was writing for your benefit, not mine, only to keep you bound in the doldrums and anticipation. For that I am sorry. But today, I have an answer:

Yes, book three is available!

So please enjoy it. Savor it. Buy copies for family, your friends, and help me spread the word. (If tweeting about it, please use the hashtag #TWLC). My hope is it’s the conclusion the story was asking for, and that brings you, my readers, a much needed end.

Lastly, I’m thankful to the people who helped me assembled, clean-up, and preset these books in the way they deserve to be. They are thanked at length in the completed editions, so you can read their names for yourself.

Without further ado, SpearheadBooks is pleased to present The White Lion Chronicles in their completion: Rise of the Dibor, The Lion Vrie, and Athera’s Dawn.

It is done. ch:


Spearhead Books

For those that follow my musings here, you are familiar with my perspectives on the future of books and publishing.

One of the underlying currents of this post-publishing seascape has been the idea of reigniting a very old entity: guilds. Bands of artisans that co-create, and share resources as well as influence.

Unlike publishers which own rights to manuscripts, take huge percentages of sales, and do very little in the way of concrete marketing, a band of like-minded creators who are bound solely by their will to contribute has the versatility and and flexibility to do far more than a publisher ever could. From artists maintaining 100% creative control, to keeping a far larger percentage of profits, to sharing their most valuable commodity–their loyal tribe of followers–guilds have the potential to be the driving force of the next era of publishing.

And we’ve started one.

I present to you Spearhead Books.

Chris Miller (of The Miller Brothers, who brought you The Codebearers Series) first called me earlier this year to discuss an idea he had: start with a small group of trusted, Christ-centered authors to pool their skills and create a central banner and meeting place for creating and distributing good stories. I immediately signed on, sharing his vision, and started to give some suggestions. A few name changes later–and the immediate incorporation of the magnanimous Wayne Thomas Batson into the fold–and Spearhead was born.

This announcement, of course, comes as no small coincidence with the pending re-release of The White Lion Chronicles in a week or so. (UPDATE: I’m waiting for Amazon to give me a hard release date, which is still pending). I’m thrilled to say that Rise of the Dibor, The Lion Vrie, and the highly anticipated Athera’s Dawn will be the very first books printed in association with Spearhead. Following shortly after will be The Miller Brothers’ Mech Mice (which I can’t wait to get my hands on!), and Wayne Thomas Batson’s new adult thriller Ghost (a story that may actually cause you to pee your pants).

Spearhead is a gathering of authors who combine efforts and resources, link arms through shared branding and emblems, co-occupy websites, and venture out on tour together. Not because they have strong backing, but because their audience is strong enough to trust them and those they create alongside of.

You should definitely check out the website and read about the group (which is being launched tonight and receiving constant updates from all of us hourly), and share it with your friends. But even more importantly, you should tune in to Chris & Allan’s live broadcast tonight at 7pm EST/4pm PST to hear more about the big announcement [UPDATE: archived broadcast coming shortly]. I may even call in from NY just for fun.

There will be plenty of news surrounding Spearhead in the weeks to come, including ways you can join the movement and the conversation, so please stay tuned. There are some incredible plans in the works, as well as ideas that I don’t know of anyone else doing to date.

I’m thrilled to be collaborating with such amazing men for the advancement of the Kingdom, and look forward to what these divinely-inspired minds will produce in the days to come. ch:

Let us know what you think! How can guild-like models be utilized in the future and to what end?