Redline Day TOO

Yes, literary buffs. It’s spelled wrong. On purpose. Because it’s in-addition-to-what’s-come-before day. And my, how glorious it is.

Redline was birthed out of a heart to reach our county’s young people with the Gospel. It’s remained true to that calling, and simultaneously invited people outside of our county along for the ride. We even welcomed a huge group to this year’s conference that drove 12 hours from the state of Michigan.

I’ve been so impressed with two (or too?) things this year: 1.) the appetite of those who’ve come, literally hunger and expectant to hear from and see God show up in their lives. 2.) The collective unity and dedicated teamwork of our volunteers at New Life.

The worship with Brother’s McClurg has been nothing short of divine, making room for the Holy Spirit to linger and move as He sees fit. And much of that has been provoked by the attitude of those walking in the doors. This morning before I shared I just kelt over to one side, weeping; I was overcome – or won over – by the love of the Father for me. For us. Susan Dunk’s message last night on finding your unique voice in the Kingdom, coupled with Anthony’s “I’m proud of you” song that he sings to his son…I’ve already been undone.

My message this morning about exhausted me. The Lord gave it to me in the shower at 6:30am, and I was so nervous about it that I soon realized either a) God was going to show up in the midst of it and blow it up, or b) He wasn’t and I was going to bomb my small portion of the conference.

Needless to say, he showed up.

I’m looking forward to the Aligned Workshops happening now, and then Session 3 tonight. Paul & Susan Dunk and Brothers McClurg will be back for all three services tomorrow at New Life – can’t wait.


Photo courtesy of @Rebekah521