Prosperity: Threading the Needle

[Title change courtesy of reader Ernie Zimmerman]

Jesus addressed every American living in 2014 when he said:

“To whom much is given, much is required.”

When even my nation’s poorest citizens still rank among the wealthiest people in the world, we have much required of us as a nation.

Writer Matt Ridley put it this way:

“Today, of Americans officially designated as ‘poor,’ 99 percent have electricity, running water, flush toilets, and a refrigerator; 95 percent have a television, 88 percent a telephone, 71 percent a car and 70 percent air conditioning. Cornelius Vanderbilt had none of these.”

I want to be a man who’s found faithful with my station at life. I want to use every gift over every second through every opportunity to exploit every possibility of blessing others. I want to be a proven steward of being an American, not because of America, but because of what’s required of me as a Christian living amongst so much “given.”

I want to do all things as if I were doing them for Christ himself. And do all things knowing the expectations placed on me—by virtue of the fact that I live in America—require me to rise to the greatness of my own blessing.

Any lesser living shames providence, provokes God and insults humanity. Death to the entitled self; resurrection to the selfless whole.

May frustrations ebb, complaints cease and comparisons die. I was born to be a child who leads like a king, not a king who acts like a child.