Thanksgiving Day Surprise

UPDATE 11.25: I’m letting my followers read every chapter of Athera’s Dawn right here on my blog.

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The White Lion Chronicles


I can hardly believe I’m writing this. Athera’s Dawn is finished, and available. For the first time since the books were conceived, the Chronicles are now as a complete trilogy.

And what better day than Thanksgiving to announce this on. I woke up at 6am this morning to the email saying the books were ready to order.

I am so incredibly thankful to God for granting me the opportunity to pen these manuscripts, planting the ideas and the creativity deep with in my spirit to such an extent that they would not let go, even in the darkest of times.

I’m thankful to my wife and children for allowing giving me the freedom to write, even when it meant I had to spend long hours disconnected from them. Even now, Luik is sitting beside me on the couch, the first one up in the house.

I’m thankful for you, my faithful readers, many of whom have been waiting for this end as long as I have. I appreciate you. Long ago I decided that I was writing for your benefit, not mine, only to keep you bound in the doldrums and anticipation. For that I am sorry. But today, I have an answer:

Yes, book three is available!

So please enjoy it. Savor it. Buy copies for family, your friends, and help me spread the word. (If tweeting about it, please use the hashtag #TWLC). My hope is it’s the conclusion the story was asking for, and that brings you, my readers, a much needed end.

Lastly, I’m thankful to the people who helped me assembled, clean-up, and preset these books in the way they deserve to be. They are thanked at length in the completed editions, so you can read their names for yourself.

Without further ado, SpearheadBooks is pleased to present The White Lion Chronicles in their completion: Rise of the Dibor, The Lion Vrie, and Athera’s Dawn.

It is done. ch:


TWLC Update

Here’s an excerpt of an email I sent to my Proofies yesterday:

Out of courtesy to you, I feel I should explain that my lack of communication, the impetus of which stemmed from three primary issues:

1.) A global switch from Microsoft Word to Adobe InDeisgn as primary layout application. Because InDesign is so much more elaborate, and I’ve never used it before, the learning curve alone set me back a few weeks. I must have gone over nearly every page of [ROTD] no less than 20 times. Working with the Miller brothers also meant that I had to cater to certain time limitations on their part.

2.) Three weeks ago I suffered a herniated disc (an old injury revisited) which literally knocked me off my feet, unable to sit in one position for more than a few minutes. The prescribed medication made me fuzzy, and far from able to keep track of the details needed for a 300+ page manuscript. (Please keep me in prayer as I’m not out of the woods yet).

3.) Summer kicked in. Frankly, many mornings and nights I did not want to even touch my computer to work on much of anything. As most of you know who follow my blog, my pace is pretty intense. So I allowed myself days off.

Needless to say, I’m back at it, feeling stronger physically, mentally, and with a better handle on InDesign.

I’ve finished my editor’s changes to TLV, and I’m beginning work on formatting it in InDesign; yes, hopefully it will be much faster now that I have a stronger handle on the application. I’m anticipating this to take about 2 weeks, [before it’s ready for the Proofies’ review]. While you’re busy going through TLV and searching for changes, I’ll be editing and formatting the long awaited AD.

In an effort to offer my loyal readers at least something date-wise, I’d say ROTD will be for sale in early September, TLV in late September, and AD in late October, though this is not concrete. Your sincere patience means the world to me. ch:


The White Lion Chronicles: eBook Editions

2007. That is the year I left readers on the edge of a precipice. And I’m only surprised they don’t loathe me more.

So you can only imagine how good I feel saying this (almost as good as my readers must feel!):

I’m personally re-releasing The White Lion Chronicles Books I & II as second edition ebooks, and Book III as a first edition ebook.

When my contract with Tsaba House expired, the publishing rights reverted back to me. And just as I’ve replied to hundreds of emails and FaceBook message and tweets, I’ve been looking for a mutually beneficial traditional print contract. But over the course of the last year, the publishing market has changed so dramatically that self-publishing – once an insult – has become the smartest option, by far. In fact, I can’t imagine looking for a legacy publishing deal ever again.

Editing and proof reading are just about to start on all three books, and cover designs are already in the mock-up phase. My plan right now is to release Rise of the Dibor first, followed a few weeks later by The Lion Vrie, and ending with the long-awaited Athera’s Dawn. All three ebooks will be available via digital retailers with an anticipated price point of just $2.99. If I can lower the price even more, I will.

So to all my fans who have stayed so loyal over the years, c’symia. ch:

Book News

Just wanted to give everyone some quick book related news.

First off, if you’ve been following my Book III Word Counter to the right, you’ll notice I’m officially over my set goal of 100,000 words! Yeah–feels pretty good. That’s a lot of hours. This comes after a long break of not writing followed by a massive push inspired by numerous friends and many fans. I’m about two chapters away from completing the book at which point it will go off for cleaning to my Bookies and then to the publisher for final editing and internal design.

Secondly, I was just informed that The Lion Vrie has been nominated for the Pluto Award over at Yellow30scifi. I feel very fortunate to be one of the nominations as the Pluto Award is unlike any of the regular awards out there. The publisher or author cannot nominate it. Only the reviewers from Yellow30scifi submit the nominations so, it’s a real big honor that both Rise of The Dibor (last year) was nominated and Lion Vrie this year!

Lastly, for those of you wishing to meet some of the new authors on this fall’s Fantasy Fiction Tour, make sure to head on over to the website and read up on our new cast of characters. Everyone is taking turns posting bios, interviews, and answering peoples’ comments.