Saddle Up

After almost a month off from traveling, Jennifer and I are headed to Connecticut for a full weekend of ministry with CHB at Church of the Living God in Manchester.

Follow @find_ch & @find_chb on Twitter for moment-by-moment updates, and lock in here for recaps & pics. I promise that whenever I’m around Mike Kim, and the rest of my band, things are guaranteed to get nuts.

Thanks for riding along. ch:


Good Morning Medford, OR!

Just a quick update to all our FFT fans:

We’re very sorry you didn’t see any live broadcasting footage yesterday. Our outside event in Portland had no internet access (and was far too rainy and wet to bring the computers out anyways), and our Medford event, while plenty of Mall wi-fi signals, we had no access codes to any of them as they were not our host store. It was a bummer, too, as it was one of the largest events of the tour thus far. I’m sure you can check in with the other author’s blogs to get a good reading on it.

The pace of the tour has keep us hopping with precious few minutes in between events to catch sleep and food, so we do apologize for not posting more frequently or getting pics up. We should have our first two Video Journals up by this evening (if internet access permits). Hope to see you online in Sacramento!

Thanks for your patience!


Off to France

ch-ichat-logo.png Sitting here with Eva on my lap typing my last post before heading off to France for a weekend of concerts. Back Monday. Would appreciate your prayers! (And hopefully by then I’ll be able to post some pics on the next post!).