“MacAskill’s Imaginate” Enter Danny’s Mind / Red Bull BMX Video with Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill
I can’t believe how awesome this video is on so many levels.

Conceptually—the little boy’s dream coming to life.

Technically—Danny’s riding abilities.

Production and design—epic.

Watch for the little “behind the scene’s” bubbles that pop up to suspend the film and get additional footage before resuming (there’s even one at the very end too!). Just brilliant.

And yes, it really is that beautiful in the Highlands. Jenny and I drove one of the routes they showed. It’s spectacular.


All I Needed for Father’s Day

I captured this jewel of a moment walking in to New Life at 7:15 AM this morning for sound check. This, combined with all the handmade cards, hugs and snuggles, were all Father’s Day gifts I could have ever asked for.

To all the dads out there that are making life happen, here’s to you.

Happy Father’s Day,



All I Needed for Father’s Day

I captured this jewel of a moment walking in to New Life at 7:15 AM this morning for sound check. This, combined with all the handmade cards, hugs and snuggles, were all Father’s Day gifts I could have ever asked for.

To all the dads out there that are making life happen, here’s to you.

Happy Father’s Day,



MWIP (My Week In Pictures)

I worked 15 to 20 hour days this week. Sometimes that just happens. But I find there’s a supernatural level of grace in the midst of it, and everyone and everything that needs attention receives it. It also helps that I love everything I do, that there’s a synergistic commonality to every exploit, and I’m surrounded by amazing people. Grateful for the God of time feeling welcome in my schedule; couldn’t do it without him.

Here’s my week in pictures:


Released a new TV ad for New Life Media featuring my kids.


Jenny captured a great morning snuggle with Levi.


A wonderful New Life Board Meeting, which featured my father sharing on the 30th anniversary of his head-on, mid-air collision.


One if the top four parenting moments of my life.


Jenny captured “The Boys” moving the fire pit to a new section of the back yard.


On location at the new Clayton Hotel shooting a new TV ad for Bach&Co with New Life Media.


Another great, spontaneous moment with Levi.


Checking in on the amazing buildout of Sprig Studios at New Life.


Q&A session with Todd Agnew and Unspoken.


Stag left with Unspoken at New Life.


The joy of watching Eva spontaneously read her hand-transcribed Bible to her brothers.


My glam wife all dressed up to shoot a wedding, one of her many astounding talents.


Congratulations to Costa & Karen, two of our dear friends.


TechPeople serve People

Recently drummer Greg Best said something on Twitter that I really connected with:

“I really appreciate how easily we can minister to people because of technology. Pretty awesome.”

If nothing else, God has been releasing wisdom and revelation about technology for one primary purpose: to serve people. Sure, we can say we’ve been served by our car, served by our computer, even served by our deep frier. But superior purposes of services always point to the Kingdom, the Gospel, and the plan of God for the future of Creation.

Bringing technology into the greater Church experience is one of my favorite calls in life. And serving with the volunteers that makes this happen is a source of tremendous pride.

Tim & Tammy Desormo are the ones in this shot making sure New Life’s congregants – both in-house and online – can focus on the most content rich portions of the service and not be disappointed by distractions. In fact, the size of our online viewership is as large as the majority of churches in the US – all because of our production team’s faithful service. The message goes out. Today Brendon Campbell is on camera, Merritt Meeks is on lights, Ben Gilchrist is stage managing, and David Woodkirk is our audio engineer. Proud to serve with these amazing, unsung and unseen heroes.

Who makes your church function week-to-week? Make sure to recognize them and encourage them this week. ch:


New Life “Two Services” Video

For a great read on why we’re going to two services, and why we’d like even more, read I Hate People here.

It’s always a challenge to be creative on the fly. And even more so when your own standards of excellence are high.

Last night New Life’s Board decided to bump up our March 20th move to two services on a Sunday to March 6th. As a result, that meant that advertising for the church-wide change has to start this coming Sunday.


So this morning I grabbed the Canon T2i, my trusty 18-200mm, Manfrotto tripod, three Dibor students, and one staff member. We set up in LIFEtown using the ambient light from two windows combined with the ceiling fluorescents (no time to set up the light rig). Props were two cube footstools.

We talked through the idea first, centering around the two cubes representing the available space for a given service time, laughed over different ideas, then blocked out each half of the skit. I shot two takes of the first half (up until Costa’s “bright idea”), and two takes of the second half.

I did a quick import directly from the SD card into my MacBook Pro, then cut up the clips in iMovie. Then in GarageBand I edited a sound track using stock, royalty-free loops and dropped it in. I left enough black space for typography, then exported as .mov file.

From there I added all the text in AfterEffects, made a simple grunge frame for some spice in PhotoShop, and rendered. The result is a fun little spot under 60 seconds which lets our church family know about the change. Total work time including a lunch break, bathroom break, and two impromptu meetings?

3 hours, 50 minutes.


The Two Service Deal from Grandath Films on Vimeo.

Swiss Sessions Highlight Reel

The highlight video of our sessions in Switzerland is final finished! (It’s not everyday I have an external hard drive fail four hours into creating a project). But seeing Jennifer attempt to play the biggest instrument I have ever seen was all worth it. ch:

What’s your favorite part?

CHB Swiss Sessions Highlight Reel from Grandath Films on Vimeo.

This highlight reel was shot during the vocal recordings for the Christopher Hopper Band’s French version of their new album, “Heaven Meets Earth,” or more aptly, “Le Ciel Touche La Terre.” Captured during a week of recording in September 2010 in Studio Freymond, nestled in the hilltop town of Martherenges, Switzerland. ©2010 Christopher Hopper, Sprig Records / ASCAP, Grandath Films

Nikon D90 Test Reel

I took @jasonjclement‘s Nikon D90 out for a video test drive yesterday. It performed very well, I must say. Certainly a huge jump for someone who is used to inferior optics when it comes to video. Even using expensive video cameras, even HD cams, I’ve thought a million times (underestimating, actually), “Man, I wish I could get the optics of my DSLRs with video capability.” And that’s just what the D90 is. Shot with a Nikon 18-200mm f1:3.5-5.6, no color correction. While I like it immensely, and believe Nikon is a superior camera for still, all reviews say that the Canon T2i is a better fit if your sole intent is shooting HD video (which is what I’m doing), so I’ll be purchasing that unit, and likewise plan on reviewing it. For a full review on both cameras, read the best one I’ve found on the web to date here. ch:

Christian Voodoo

Ive been convicted recently about the notion that God does not delineate between his use of the secular and the sacred like we do. He is quite content to use any means necessary, and like Paul, our perspective should be to rejoice whenever Christ is preached (Philippians 1:15-18). I found this video surprisingly refreshing in the midst of being incredibly dark, reminding me that even the worldly is in crying out for a display of love.