Creativecast Episode 4: Wayne Thomas Batson Interview

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In case you have’t listened to it yet, make sure to check out my interview with author Wayne Thomas Batson on episode 4 of Creativecast. And if this is your first introduction to Creativecast in general, its preceded by three other great episodes designed for artists and leaders.

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Novel Investing: Becoming a Patron of Author Wayne Thomas Batson

Wayne Thomas Batson Patreon

I’ve long been a fan of new and creative ways of supporting the arts. I dare say that my whole life has been spent championing the cause of seeing the church be the epicenter of creative cultural influence. As it was in the Renaissance period, so can be (and must be) today. So when I see a cool idea that spurs development of a Christ-centered artist, I can’t help but get excited.

My amazing friend Wayne Thomas Batson has signed up with a new online organization that acts much like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but instead of funding a specific venture at a particular capital threshold, Patreon funds the artist. It’s crowdsourcing for creatives.

I’ve known Wayne for years. We’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together, we’ve written around 500,000 words together. He’s a life friend, and I can’t speak enough about his heart or his commitments to God, his wife, his children, his church and his community. He’s literally given his life to raise and better the next generation.

In this next season of his life, I know he desires to write full time. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. And to reach that goal, he needs the time and money to make that dream a reality—a dream that will have a profound impact on millions of lives and echo into eternity.

Would you consider giving toward this end, just as I have done? It doesn’t have to be much, but please consider something. Because you’re giving toward a kingdom cause, it’s not just investing into Wayne, but investing into future readers, readers whose lives can be eternally effected. And God rewards that kind of behavior with immense favor.

As if that wasn’t enough, yes, there are kickbacks for the various levels of giving. What would we be without our little narcissistic first-world incentives? Sarcasm aside, he is offering some pretty sweet perks. (Who can resist their name in print?).

Thanks for linking arms with me and encouraging Wayne in one of the most practical ways possible.

Here’s to the future of the written word,


Making Time for Creating

Tonight, my dear friend Wayne Thomas Batson arrives at our home for a three day writing weekend that we call a Writer’s Bootcamp. We’ve been conducting these annually for the past nine years. Usually, we write, talk, write, eat, drink, write, use the bathroom (separately), talk, write, and then pass out, only to awake the next morning and do it all over again, with the goal of pounding out as many words as is inhumanly possible.

One thing that I’ve learned about the creation process is that it requires me to be intentional. When I was younger, making things just seemed to “happen.” I had loads of free time, and proximity to all sorts of amazing tools. And loads of free time.

(Did I mention free time?)

Today, as creative a soul as I am, producing tangible art—whether books, records or designs—only happens when I make time for them.

Here are three tips that’ve helped me:

Book It

Appointments are typically for people, not for “making things.” While people got premium space on my calendar apps—complete with descriptions, reminders and a courtesy text message if I’m running late—projects normally didn’t. Somehow I treated it as a second class activity.

If we really want to be intentional about creating, we need to treat time frames for our creative disciplines like appointments with people. Schedule the time on your calendar, write a description about what you want to accomplish in that time frame, and set up alerts if you’re late (treating them like text messages that say “You’re late! Get in here for your meeting!”).

Guard It

Merely setting planned time aside for your creative activities, whether professional or pastime, isn’t enough. I would never entertain ducking out of an intense marriage counseling session to help someone with the office printer. But I’m OK with stopping a design session to help someone tape up a box?


All those those people and their tasks are important, just not right now.

Once you’ve scheduled time, keep yourself accountable to it by telling any interruptions to your creative appointment, “I’m sorry, but I’m in a meeting.” Most everything can wait.

Guarding these times includes turning OFF your mobile phone and restricting browser usage (if you need it open at all) to pertinent tasks only. TV, music (if it’s a distraction) and company can also be things that breach your guard.

End On a Cliffhanger

One of the biggest mistakes I made early on in my novel writing career was ending my day’s work when I’d finished a section that had a natural finale.

Big mistake.

Don’t end when it seems right, end when it seems wrong. Call it a day right in the middle of your favorite scene. Favorite color choice. Favorite chorus. Call the session when you’re truly inspired. This not only means that you’ll resume your progress sooner, but ensures that you’ll start back up with zeal. You’ll be eager instead of reticent.

What are some things you do to schedule, guard and inspire your creative disciplines?

Happy creating,


8th Annual Writers Bootcamp Getaway Weekend


Eight years ago, my new-found friend, Wayne, and I decided to embark on a mutual dream of forming an Inklings group of our own. But distance was not our friend, he being in Maryland and I being in northern New York. So rather than a weekly gathering in some local pub, we decided upon meeting for a full weekend at a locale halfway between his home and mine.

The result has been a faithful convergence on a poetic (if not sleepy) Pennsylvanian town or city for the last eight years. And what a blessing it’s been for both of us. The mutual camaraderie is immeasurably valuable, as are the long talks concerning writing, plot and character development, theology, doctrines of the faith. Not to mention the verbose amount of gregarious guffawing we engage in.

And threading through it all are the continuous clicks of our laptop keys as we work on our next stories for the world to read. Wayne is working on a new supernatural thriller series called GHOST, while I’m very close to announcing the title and release date of my newest work, codenamed TSR.

Here’s to Inkblots everywhere who enjoy fellowship and the pursuit of the intellectual.


The Tide of Unmaking Cover Art

Wayne and I are thrilled to present our fans with the first look at the brand new cover art for The Berinfell Prophecies Book Three: The Tide of Unmaking.

Because book 3 is the most epic of the series and spans locales near and far, as well as a diverse range of characters and notable moments, it was hard to pint-point exactly what should be on the cover. But once we saw the “world on fire,” we knew it was the right fit.

To all of our readers who’ve patiently waited for this final installment, we can’t thank you enough. You’re the reason we write. And we hope you like this cover (and the book!) as much as we do.


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Kindle: The Skeleton Project

When you work closely with someone, you sometimes take for granted that they have other ideas besides the ones you’re developing together.

Oh. Wayne Thomas Batson writes other incredible stuff besides The Berinfell Prophecies.

So I get this info in an email late last night:

If you’re a Wayne Thomas Batson reader, rejoice! Gone are the days of waiting a year for the next story. While working on several novels to hit the shelves later this year, Mr. Batson is releasing a whole array of new stories on Kindle (and then other formats).

The first release is The Skeleton Project, a quirky, scifi, mystery thriller with a wee bit of humor. The Skeleton Project is now live on Amazon for just $1.29!

I’m already a third of the way through this short story and loving it. If this is a sign of the sort of serial-storytelling that we can expect from Wayne in the future, bring it on. ch:

B3 Final Outlining

Wayne Batson and I spent the better part of the afternoon on iChat finishing the outline for the final few chapters of The Berinfell Prophecies Book III. Both our craniums are aching, but it’s all worth it, knowing the faces our readers are going to make while devouring these pages. I only wish I could have a web cam going when they get to these twists and turns. [Author does maniacal laugh].

Back to writing!


Berinfell Book III Title Announced


Among many of the conversations Wayne and I needed to have over our weekend was settling upon a title for the third installment of The Berinfell Prophecies.

The discussion was held over a swim in the hotel pool. We’d both toyed with the idea of a few titles, the most prominent of which became a sort of code-name used in The Underground called Tearing the Veil. But in the end one stood out among all others.

The Tide of Unmaking (#ToU).

Book III is unique in that it has a very powerful “ticking time bomb” element that propels the story forward at break-neck speed. This, as one might guess, has taken center stage, and therefore merits a title in its honor.

One of the more exciting things we discussed was the fact that since we’re self-publishing this new book, our readers will be getting it in May (at least that’s the plan). If it was being published with our previous publisher (or any other legacy publisher), no one would see it for another 16 to 18 months – yet more evidence of why self-publishing is not only beneficial to authors but to their all-important fans.

So, what do you think the Tide of Unmaking is? Let the conjecture begin! ch:

Writing With Wayne


For the 6th year in a row, my dear friend Wayne Thomas Batson and I have covered upon a hotel and nearby pub in the Pennsylvania countryside for our self touted Writer’s Weekend Bootcamp Getaway Extravaganza (etc).

Needless to say, we both look forward to this outing every winter/spring, depending upon what specific weekend avails itself. It usually starts with hugging each other in the parking lot and yelling “DUDE!” loud that it makes any passers by extremely uncomfortable.

I’ve already pounded out two chapters, and need to dive back into the writing groove. More tomorrow on our progress as we aim to satisfy the thousands of Elves waiting for the third installment of The Berifnell Prophecies, due out this May. ch:

Storm With Us!

venom and song amazon blitz

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Curse of the Spider King Promo Video

cotsk youtube

The new promo video for Curse of the Spider King is now live on both YouTube and Vimeo. Thanks to all our fans out there who are already pumping this books to their friends and pre-ordering their copies. Wayne and I so appreciate you! If you haven’t checked out our new website, please do. ch: