SOW Day 4

kebab guitar

Thursday will definitely be remembered as one of this trip’s highlights. I’m not sure if it’s because of material we covered on evangelism which I know touched the Father’s heart, or because we actually went out and did what we talked about. Most likely both.

Much of what I taught was brand new for the students, and for me, as the Holy Spirit was giving me insight into scripture in ways I had never seen before. Specifically along the lines of obedience to preach the Gospel.

I think most Christians would say that they pray for the lost; Charismatic Christians even saying they intercede. I love to pray, and I love Houses of Prayer. And here in Switzerland we are binding a spirit of witchcraft over the nation. But if rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (1 Sam 15:23), then not following Jesus’ command to go and preach the Gospel, yet all the while “praying for the lost,” is nothing short of sorcery. Thus we are actually contributors of this prevailing spirit. For while Jesus had a profound and intimate prayer life with his Father, scripture also shows us that his greatest moments of spiritual warfare were ministering to individual lives. Touching people, setting them free. And as a result, opening perpetual doors in regions previously hostile toward him.

yverdon church thurs

During a packed-out evening church meeting, one in which the students led the first section, and Jennifer and I led the later (Jennifer had one of the most profound prophetic songs I have ever heard on the Father’s goodness, putting most everyone on their knees), I felt prompted to scrap my sermon and share more on evangelism. Then one of the SOW students interrupted me and said, “Well, let’s go!”

Why not? I thanked everyone, put the mic down, and walked out, inviting the whole group to hit the streets. It was radical. And yet so normal.

I went with a small group back to the Kebab restaurant (where we prayed for the guy with the blind eye), and brought the owner and one of the employees CDs. After eating kebabs, I put on a mini-concert, and before I knew it, the owner was dancing with one of his employees! The place was electrified with the joy of the Lord!

By the end of the night, our team was telling all the guys about the love of Jesus, the praying with them in small groups. Jennifer and I laid hands on the owner, his wife, and their kids, and prayed over them. Below a few of our guys are praying with Mo-Mo (Mohammad). Awesome.

kebab prayer

I can honestly say I haven’t felt the pleasure of God this strongly on my life in a very long time. He is re-digging wells of joy in my heart that are directly connected to looking outside of myself. ch:

Scotland: Days 2 & 3

ch-ichat-logo.png Saturday found Jenny and I headed northeast, across the Firth of Forth (that’s “The River of Forth” to all you non-Scottish speakers) to famed St. Andrews. As in the recent pic, we met up with more of the Meldrum clan and toured the sites of the beloved town where David and Helen met during their time at university together.

From traipsing through cathedral ruins over 900 years old, to standing beside stonework indicating the exact places where Protestant martyrs were burned at the stake, to overlooking castle ruins, it was a wonderful and yet profound experience. Following a delicious open-air lunch of trout and mullet (no, not the hair-cut), I had the chance to walk on the fairway of St. Andrews’ “Old Course” (birthplace of golf) and have my picture taken on the Swilcan Bridge. (Kirk, Noel and Steve…wish you were here!). While anyone can play (for about $350+ per game), it’s only by chance that you’ll get a go at it; want-to-be golfers enter their names into a daily lottery (given the fact that so many people want to play). If you’re one of the lucky few, your name and start time are posted on a board. Fore!

We returned later that day and David, Philip and I enjoyed a beautiful walk through a nearby forest here in Dalkeith and explored a local abbey, now turned college.

I am completely amazed at the sheer amount of history here–something I could get caught up in for weeks and still only have scratched the surface. The very ground leaks with profound legacy and tradition. But the Christians here are quick to point out that they are not proud of it all.

Their founding and world-wide exportation of Freemasonry is something they are grievously aware of. And the tentacles of the occult, witchcraft and ancient druidism have left their mark. We’ve discussed, however, that while the US lacks the length of years to wager the same atrocities, we are guilty of our own exportation of filth, just in different avenues; namely our movies and TV programing.

Regardless of the negatives, the Kingdom of the Lord is forcefully advancing here and Jennifer and I are overjoyed to share in its movement–no matter how small our roll may be.

Sunday we had the honor of taking the entire morning service at the Full Gospel Church (AG) in Dalkeith. The sanctuary was packed out as a youth dance team started off with Matt Redman’s “Dancing Generation,” a song that I believe speaks prophetically of what’s on the horizon for Scotland as a whole. Jennifer and I led worship for the next hour, the people easily entering with us into the presence of the Lord; their obvious hunger and experience made them one of the easiest congregations we’ve ministered to in a while. We could tell they’ve been well taught and genuinely desire to see a move of God in their midst.

I preached a short introductory message on being hungry for Jesus to be revealed fully in our lives, so that “Christ in us, the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27) may have His way in the county here.

After meeting the people, and being truly showered with love and warmth, we returned to the Meldrum’s home for a delightful lunch (not before spraying the boys next door with high-powered squirt guns!). Here we dined with a new friend, John, who was recently miraculously saved and turned around from a hard life on the streets. This guy has such a tender and kind heart, proving that the Lord doesn’t wish that even one would perish, but that all would have eternal life!

Then, last evening, Jennifer and I returned to the church and spent a longer time in worship, singing prophetically over the people and watching the Holy Spirit meet with those present in marvelous ways. Once we felt the Lord wanted to move on, I shared on maturing in Christ, speaking out of Ephesians 4 and Philippians 3.

It’s clear that there has been a solid foundation laid in this church, and from everything David has shared with us, the pastor here, the people are very much ready for what God has for them next. While I was in the shower Friday night, the Holy Spirit spoke the word “building” into my heart and, unless God changes the direction, I really feel that we’re going to continue in the vain of taking your county for Christ. We want to see souls saved, the culture changed and the society at large affected by Believers who are being obedient to the Holy Spirit in their lives.

May the Kingdom of God be advanced because of the seeds we sow here and more so beacuse of His everlasting faithfulness!

Thanks for reading and for your continued prayers,