Me. But Somewhere Else.

Who are you today?

Me? I’m 32 years old. I have 1 amazing bride and 4 super cute children.

I’m also an associate pastor.

But I live the United States of America. I’m free. To worship. To share. To express.

“Me” somewhere else today – right now – could be Yusuf Naderkhani.

Also 32.

With a wife and children.

A pastor.

Who’s attorneys are hopeful that a corrupt Iranian judicial system will overturn his death sentence today.

A death sentence issued because he failed to renounce his belief in Jesus Christ as God.

Aside from my disgust that the UN is entertaining the whims of a modern day Hitler as if he had legitimate rights, it’s imperative that we remember all politics – right, wrong, or asinine – affect people.

Just a few thousand miles from my home, another version of “me” is in jail.

Read Yusuf Naderkhani’s story. And pray for ALL the people of Iran.

Then ask yourself: how am I utilizing the freedom I’ve been given to know God and make Him known? Because the “you” in another country might not be alive anymore to do the same work. ch: