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Why buy direct?

​While I know you have a variety book-buying options, purchasing directly from me is a win-win for both of us.


First, I offer my books here 20-30% cheaper than you'll find on retail. I also publish new releases several weeks before they hit other vendors, so you're always ahead of everyone else. Moreover, I offer exclusive content you can't find anywhere else.


Second, buying directly from my website supports me the most financially. Where big tech takes huge portions of royalties, you purchases here provide me with 91% of ebook and 94% of audiobook sales (compared to 30% ebook 25% audiobook sales with retail).


Lastly, and most importantly, I get to have you as my personal customer. Big tech never shares who is buying my books, and that goes against my value of personability.


Thanks for buying direct. I trust it means as much to you as it does to me. 

Can I still buy your books on Amazon and Audible?


Of course. My goal is to make sure you get my books they way you prefer. However, I also want to make you a customer of me and not big tech. I do this for several reasons, which include making more money for my family and getting an actual connection with the people who read and listen to my books. Amazon and Audible take a substantial cut from my royalties and they hide data on who is enjoying my work. I don't want to build a business on those practices. Rather, I want a connection with my fans and to make the most money I can on my art.


For those who buy direct, they can always count on getting my books early and always at a discount.

Where is my book?


If you can’t find the email with your book download in your inbox, here are some tips:


• Check your spam/junk box. Sometimes overzealous spam filters get in the way and deliver the email there instead of your inbox.


• If the email address you used at checkout is different from the email address you normally use, the book may be delivered to the email address you used at checkout.


• If you still don’t see it, email and we can help you get your download link.

How do I download by books? What is BookFunnel?


Upon purchase of your electronic or audio book, you will receive an email with a link to BookFunnel. From here, you'll confirm your email one more time (just to make sure it's really you), and then provided options for what file types you'd like to download. Again, everything you purchase from me is DRM-free: once you buy it, you own the product. Form there, you can read or listen on the app of your choice, though we recommend BookFunnel's native app, which you can download for free here. It works like Kindle and Audible, and it's popular with indie authors.

"The BookFunnel app works great. Just enter the code, and you're in business. I listened to Infinita on a day trip in the car through my iPhone, and I imported the ebook into my Kindle just as I have always done. This new platform is easy and works seamlessly, and I'm excited to support my favorite authors directly by giving them the profit they deserve. Plus, I get the personal relationship with them that I want."

–Chris M.

VIP Member

Are your books available in print?


All my Infinita series books are available in mass market paperback (4x7), trade paperback (6x9), and hardcover with dust jacket (6x9). Links are provided in both the ebook and audiobook product descriptions and will take you to our separate print store for selection and secure checkout.


All back catalogue titles are available in paperback via Amazon, and only Ruins of the Earth books one and two are available in hardcover at this time. 

Can you read my book please?

I do read people's work for free, but those spaces are already taken by young people who I mentor.

If you want free advice and are interested in learning more about self-publishing, I have a dedicated post on my blog here that I think is worth reading.

If you would like to hire me to consult on your next project, review your strategy, or take a look at your manuscript, you’re welcome to leave me a message on my contact page to check my availability. For $129 USD, you will have my undivided attention, advice, and access to my experience for sixty minutes, rounded to the next hour.

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