COMING 11.15.22

“Hopper is Zahn, Herbert, and Sanderson

all in one. Majestic!”

-Mike Kim
USA Today and New York Times bestselling author

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A former Stratus soldier wants his Imperium life back while a powerful princess wants out of hers.


Once a respected Imperium stratusaire, Pelegrin Hale is shipwrecked and left collecting bounties for a local mercenary guild. But he’s about to put all his credits on the line to save an unlucky crew.


Meanwhile, Orelia, heiress of High Family Pendaline, is interrupted from palace life by an intruder. When the would-be thief threatens to steal the most valuable possession in the palace, Orelia confronts new truths about the system she’s committed to upholding.


If Hale and Orelia knew how their next decisions would awaken the wrath of a four-millennium-old empire, they might have thought twice about working together.


From the mind of #1 best-selling author Christopher Hopper comes a new space opera adventure critics are calling “Majestic!” Enjoy the immersive world-building, rich characters, and harrowing action of Imperium Descent and read volume 1 today!