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Commonly used expletives



Bishnick: An illegitimate rankle midge.
Fode / fodeing / fell-fodeing: Derogatory intercourse.
Crit: Dried excrement.
Hadion (HAY-dee-ahn): The ethereal realm of the eternally damned.
Nimdoe / nimdoed: Someone who is thick headed.
Smardoch: A contraction of "smart och," which is a derogatory name for a person of below average Intelligence.
Sons of Salleron, or Salleron: A curse against the three mythical sons of King Salleron who betrayed their family.
Mul-brains: A specia-based insult to denote ignorance or slowness.
Numb brains: A childish insult to denote ignorance or slowness.
Lightit / lightitall: A mild curse of damnation.
Cosmos and crits: An exclamation of frustration or surprise.
A crit-base [insert noun]: An adjective denoting a person, reason, or cause of poor quality.
Break a strut: To make a mistake.
Getting your stabilizers bent: Disappointed, sad.

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