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Martial art which provides physical and mental benefits



The martial art of Vindictora. Aside from its mandatory use in the Stratus, keeda is
popular among the high born for its physical and mental benefits.

First position, sword stance: The first and most fundamental fighting stance using a two-handed sword. Feet spread shoulder width apart, knees bent, weight evenly distributed; both hands in low-guard position, blade up.

Shadow stance: A posture used for moving and blending with a person’s environment.

Wavering flame position: Derived from the way a finger may pass harmlessly through a flame, this stance is best for avoiding surprise attacks from an enemy.

Shimmering water position: Named after the dizzying glare produced from rippling surface water, this form allows a fighter to feint and attack in short successive bursts that are hard to defend.

Tremor position: Like quakes summoned beneath the ground, this palms-out hand position transfers a large amount of energy into a target in an attempt to knock it off balance.

Breathing techniques: Used to control fight/flight responses, suppress adrenaline surges, and focus on critical thinking and problem solving.

Binding grips: Positions used to keep a faze staff or other weapon secure in the hands, legs, or body. When employed, it is very difficult for an enemy to strip the user of their weapon.

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