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Commonly used sayings



“What in the cosmos?”: An exclamation.
“System-blessed”: A casual benevolence.
“Galaxy-bent”: A curse.
“Fates and Muses”: A defamatory pronouncement.
“Imperiana-blessed”: A formal benevolence.
“Hadion-cursed”": A curse.
“It’s not a date unless it’s destiny”: A Stratus slogan.
“Clear One”: A term used for ruling high born family members who are able to see the will of Ki Tuck (vengeance and justice) more clearly than low born valex-class citizens.
“May your feet fall true.” / “And you see all clearly.” Blessings used when parting ways with high borns.
“And may you continue to see all clearly”: A blessing spoken to high born rulers.
“Your life hangs from the thread”: An ancient proverb.
“Better to live owing a little than die debt free”: A saying of Pelegrin Hale.
“Ki Tuck's justice upon your home”: A formal pronouncement of peace.
“No peeky, no touchy”: A saying of Velm’tin’s.
“The one who takes must also be the one who gives back”: An ancient proverb of justice.
“We can do nothing for one beyond what is done for all”: An ancient proverb of medical provision.
“We never act of our own accord, but always with the common and for the common good”: An Imperium saying.
“Edge”: Slang term for someone looking attractive; commonly used among stratusaires.
“Muses, play along”: A prayer for aid in trickery.
“All hail the Supreme. All bow before Ki Tuck”: A mantra of the Imperium.
“Permitted for one, allowed for all”: A saying for the greater good.
“Your word”: A term used to express acknowledgment to an order given by a superior. Within the Stratus, the term is usually spoken while saluting with a fist against the heart in a sharp manner. Among those serving as lerricks or Protectorate within high families, the gesture is less forceful but accompanied with a head bowed in deference.

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