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Explaining all the Ruins of the Galaxy Editions

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

"Christopher, what's going on?"

"Multiple editions, title changes, rumors of new content, and old versions no longer for sale but still present on Amazon."

"What's the deal with Ruins?"

I'm so glad you asked. Here's the scoop.

The Eve of War, Ruins of the Galaxy Book 1 was originally published the first week of June 2019 under my name. A month later, the second book, Honor Bound was published with Last of the Luma (book 3) hot on its heels for an early-August release. But then, in the wake of the series' early success, I was approached by sci-fi legend J.N. Chaney to republish the first two novels under both our names, and carry on the epic as a co-authored series, making it even bigger.

The chance to write and publish with Jeff and his crack-shot team was too good to pass up. So I said yes.

The result meant new cover art and editorial reviews for the first three books, and fresh outlines for the next six. Moreover, it meant exposure to an even wider audience and significant marketing dollars.

"What does this mean for me?"

(1) The Eve of War - Book 1 (versions 1.0–1.4) is now simply Ruins of the Galaxy - Book 1 (version 2.0). It's gone through another round of edits and proofreading. It has some "spiced up" dialogue for Magnus, making him more relatable sooner, and gave me a chance to update Sootriman's character description. I love what her new attributes say about the "standard" definition of beauty, and gives some new depth to Ezo and Awen. The new revision also pulls two chapters from book 2 in order to complete the story's arc, and includes the short story The Night of Fire as a prequel epilogue.

(2) Honor Bound - Book 2 (versions 1.0–1.1) is now Galactic Breach - Book 2 (version 2.0). The original manuscript is largely untouched, but did go through some tweaks form Jeff and his team. It lacks chapters two and three, which were added to the end of book 1, as mentioned.

(3) Last of the Luma - Book 3 (version 1.0) is now Gateway to War - Book 3 (version 2.0). Like book 2, this manuscript is largely untouched, but did have some consistency issues corrected.

If you were lucky enough to snag copies of the original books with cover art by Matt Flint, hold on to them. They're truly one of a kind.

And if you haven't yet started your collection of the new physical editions with Jeff and me, now's the time to start. They're super thick, beautifully designed, and will make a striking addition to your collection as you show off your books to your family, friends, and sworn galactic enemies.



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