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Rated: MA-17
Gore, language, violence

"Think Saw and The Hunger Games had a comedically gritty sci-fi lovechild."
—Wayne Thomas Batson
Best-selling author of Outcast, The Door Within Trilogy, and Myridian Constellation

People wake up to find themselves in a square room with one wall about to rise.

On the other side?

An alien monster and a fight for survival.

Gabriel Stone, an active duty US Marine, and Chloe Lidell, a resourceful Texas farm girl, are thrust into a deadly game where each round is more perilous than the last.

All they have to do is stay alive.

Joined by a band of misfits--including a lovable service droid named Shit Bot--Gabriel and Chloe must navigate treacherous rounds, form alliances, and uncover a diabolical alien agenda. With every victory, they edge closer to the heart of the mystery…

But survival is not guaranteed, and death is a breath away.

Can Gabriel and Chloe outsmart their captors and save those they love?

Narrated by husband and wife team Christopher and Jennifer Hopper, dive into your next intergalactic saga, Dark Harvest Rebellion, and join the fight for humanity's future!


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Dark Harvest Rebellion - Audiobook

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