Thanks to Grandma Petrov and her Super Good Time Feelings Merchandise Store, you can get the same Phantom Team poker chip that Wic carries today.


Need to call in a favor? Or just wanna see if you can get a buddy to buy you a drink (if they can't pull their own coin)? Then make sure you never leave home without your official USA/Bratva challenge marker. This casino-grade 13-gram clay poker chip features the symbol of Sissy’s New York operatrion on the front, complete with three circles denoting Wic, Aaron, and Vlad’s presence at the origin ring in Antarctica. On the back, the Bratva star encircles Vlad’s iconic phrase, “US Brooklyn New York and Russian brotherhood are sexing.” 


Continue to build your Christopher Hopper poker chip collection by celebrating Ruins of the Earth.


Proudly handmade in the U.S.A.

ROTE Series Poker Chip

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