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Grading Condition Guide

Hopperverse Premium Card and Chip A front.jpg

Hopperverse trading cards and chips are graded by HGC for quality and proof of authenticity. Our grading condition guide is as follows:

Gem (G): New from HGC, absolutely perfect.
Mint (M): No flaws, perfect.
Near Mint (N): Pristine but not perfect.
Excellent (E): Beautiful but with a minor issue.
Very Good (V): Solid contender with several minor issues.
Good (G): Has seen better days.
Fair (F): A shadow of its former self.
Poor (P): Who hurt you?

New cards or chips purchased with either a Premium Case or Autograph upgrade come sealed and graded as Gem (G). Existing cards can be sent to HCG and graded for $20 per item plus shipping, which will return the product in a sealed premium case with graded slab, but will never have a higher rating than Mint (M).


*HGC reserves the right to grade items at its discretion based on item quality and condition. All grades are final.

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