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As a free Hopperverse subscriber, you receive a membership chip, a short story (audiobook and ebook), a lifetime discount to my merch store, and access to the Hopperverse App as well as my Discord and Facebook groups.

Want more?


Level up to a premium membership and get admission to Coffee with Christopher, early access new books, special edition hardcovers, exclusive swag, and more.

(If you end up sleeping on the couch, it's your own fault).

My job is to create fun worlds for you to escape to, even if it's just for a few minutes each day.


I look forward to having you as a subscriber.


Join today.


Enjoy the ride,

Hopperverse Player.jpg

As a free Hopperverse Player, you’ll receive:


• A collector's poker chip.


• The audiobook and ebook short story Rogues and Rebels: Encounter on Ooperock (Imperium Descent universe).


• 10% off all merch in my store.


• Subscription to my exclusive email list.


• An invite to my Hopperverse App as well as my private Facebook group and Discord server.


The best part? It's completely free.


This is my way of saying thanks for being a fan of my work. It’s a privilege to have you on board.

Click the button below to get started.

Thanks for joining the Hopperverse.


Hopperverse 1 Cadet.jpg

Cadets demand more out of life than what others expect. They don’t like waiting or standing on the sidelines lines. Rather, they are eager to roll their sleeves up and jump into the fray. 


As a Cadet, you get the same welcome welcome kit as a Hopperverse Player, plus:


• Early Access

Get early access new audiobooks and ebooks weeks in advance of the public.

• Tier Chip

A Cadet-branded tier chip to carry with you at all times or sit proudly on display.

• Coffee with Christopher

Exclusive access to weekly Coffee with Christopher video calls.

• Your name in Print

Get listed in the Acknowledgments section of all new releases.

• Store Discount

15% off all web store merch.

Hopperverse 2 Sergeant.jpg

Sergeants means business. When others flee, they turn toward the action and lean into the fight. They also don't mind the occasional reward for their efforts.


As a Sergeant, you get everything from the Cadet tier, plus:

• The Archives

Access to a wide range of audio and text treasures that are too glamorous to advertise.

• Store Discount

• 20% off web store merch.


• Discounted Hardcovers

Get access to autographed hardcovers at discount pricing.

Hopperverse 3 Chief.jpg

Chiefs are bold chance-takers. They live for causes greater than themselves and strive to inspire those coming behind them.


As a Cheif, you get all Sergeant perks, plus:


• Hardcovers

Get special edition autographed hardcovers for all new releases (estimated four to five per year).*

• Store Discount

25% off web store merch.

*Items will require additional international shipping charges. However, in an effort not to penalize international subscribers, I’ve decided to split the shipping costs 50/50. International subscribers members will be billed for shipping per item.

Hopperverse 4 Commander.jpg

Commanders are members of a sacred line who not only collect stories but guard them for those to come. They care deeply about preserving history while also being history makers themselves.


As a Commander member, you get all Chief benefits, plus:


• Swag Drops

Quarterly swag packages are single items of my design and choosing. Items may include custom apparel, collectors cards, poker chips, coins, posters, and patches. Each product is designed by me.*

• HopperCon Dinner

Receive an annual invitation for you and one guest to a private dinner the Sunday of HopperCon.**

• Custom Voicemail

I will customize your outgoing voicemail message and send you an MP3 file.

• Store Discount

30% off web store merch.


*Eligible after two months of membership.

**Membership must be current for HopperCon dinner invitation.

Hopperverse 5 Admiral.jpg

Influence and an eye for creativity. Admirals want to see the universe changed for the better and will go to great lengths to achieve it.


As an Admiral member, you get all Commander perks, plus:

• HopperCon Room & Tix

Free tickets and an executive king suite for you and one guest at HopperCon for three nights.*

• Custom Apparel

Annual collector's jacket and cap.**

• Character Creation

Help me create a fictional character in one of my series (annually).


• Monthly Video Call

Personal monthly phone call with me to talk about whatever we want. It's awesome.

• Store Discount

40% off web store merch.


*Eligible after two months of membership. Membership must be current for HopperCon accommodations.

**International split shipping policy applies.

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