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New Sci-Fi Series Announced

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Hi Spacers,

As I wrap up work on Valley of the Dead and prepare to start Ruins of the Earth Book 6 this summer (title TBA), I felt it was noteworthy to let you know that I've also begun writing a new series. This yet-to-be-named hard sci-fi adventure/thriller will be my first solo outing since publishing The Sky Riders back in 2013.

I'm deeply excited to bring you more news about the project as the summer progresses, but for now, this teaser will have to suffice as things are still very top secret.

For those wondering about future Ruins books, Jeff and I have discussed additional installments, and we've left the door wide open for new ideas. I don't think you've seen the last of the Ruins universe, and with R.C. Bray set to narrate the remaining books in both Galaxy and Earth, you'll have lots of content into 2023.

Thanks for all your continued support. You're the best reader in the galaxy.



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Anders Berglund
Anders Berglund
Sep 19, 2021

Looking forward to Oblivion Awaits (Infinita Book 1) audiobook. Remember to release it worldwide on Audible. Who is doing the narrating for that series?


Meenaz Lodhi
Meenaz Lodhi
Jul 30, 2021

Oh! Another surprise! Thank you, Christopher! And a fabulous present in autumn! You’re spoiling us, Christopher! But hey, I’m not protesting, keep

bringing up fabulous stories from that brilliant brain of yours! Love you.

Love. Light.

Meenaz. 🧡


STOP talking and start writing!! We are waiting out here!!!!

Stay frosty,

Mke D.


Meenaz Lodhi
Meenaz Lodhi
Jun 05, 2021

Thank you, Christopher. Your insights are always inspirational, you make it all worthwhile. Say hello to Jennifer! Loving hugs to all the family. Stay blessed. 🧡🙏 Meenaz.

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