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Ruins of the Galaxy: Narrator Change Announced

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

As many of you have already noticed, the narrator listed for Ruins of the Galaxy Book Book 6, Imminent Failure, has been changed from R.C. Bray to Christopher Ryan Grant.

A decision was made to cut Mr. Bray's work load significantly in a wholistic effort to care for his voice and to accommodate the sizeable backlog pressure he faced following vocal treatment and recovery. As a result, Podium Audio needed to recast some of their commitments.

Podium has prioritized Ruins of the Earth and will keep Mr. Bray on those remaining books but opted to recast Mr. Grant for the remainder of the Ruins of the Galaxy titles. If you're not familiar with him, he’s done quite well on mil sci-fi for Podium audiobooks, including works by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole.

We hope you will appreciate the need to lighten Mr. Bray's load and to get these audiobooks to listeners without more delays.

Thanks for your understanding.






Book 6 - 04/04/2023

Book 7 - 07/11/2023

Book 8 - 10/17/2023

Book 9 - 02/11/2024


Book 4 - 06/13/2023

Book 5 - 09/26/2023

Book 6 - 01/09/2023

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Definitely missing RC but had no idea he had surgery or anything like that! I just discovered during my new listen to ROTE that they changed the narrator! Took me a minute to find this post but everything makes sense now and I wish him a speedy recovery and thank podium for caring about their narrators! Thank you for everything and amazing books!!

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Valutazione 5 stelle su 5.

I am missing RC in ROTG. Ray creates the characters, every character has a unique voice that you know who is talking without the need to have “so and so said” which makes the story flow. I am finding now that dialogue is spoken and I have to wait to see who actually is the character was that said it.

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Julia Monzon
Julia Monzon
16 gen 2023

Glad to know that Podium actually considers the well-being of their narrators.

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Meenaz Lodhi
Meenaz Lodhi
29 dic 2022

I’m so sorry to hear that. I understand the need to take care of Ray and support the decision. Take care, dear Ray. Be safe, Ruiners. Stay blessed. Wish you all a marvellous safe and peaceful new year. Love you, Peeps. 💝Hugs Hopper family. 🤗Love and Light 🧡🌟

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Thoughts go out to the very skilled RC Bray and if this is what is needed to help keep the longevity of his excellent narration skills, then it must be done. There are some very big shoes to fill, and whilst it will obviously take some getting used to a new narrator, the strength of the story line should help the transition.

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Christopher Hopper
Christopher Hopper
29 dic 2022
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Thanks for your understanding and support, Mike. I agree: big shoes indeed. I also thank you for the kind remakes about the story. Cheers. -CH

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