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Ruins of the Earth Hits #1 in Six Categories and #119 on Amazon

Thank you to all our faithful readers for helping Ruins of the Earth: Book 1 perform better on launch week than any Variant Publication release to date.

This includes hitting #1 in:

- Military Science Fiction

- Space Marine Science Fiction 

- Galactic Empiute Science Fiction 

- Alien Invasion Science Fiction

- Colonization Science Fiction

- First Contact Science Fiction

Ruins of the Earth also climbed to #119 on Amazon for all ebooks sold during launch week. This was a big deal for us. In other words, for all ebook sold on Amazon (which numbers in the millions), we were the 119th most purchased book. Crazy cool.

Thank you again for allowing Jeff and I to do what we love for a living. As long as you keep reading our stories, we'll keep writing them.

See you in the ruins,


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