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How do I Construct a Good Story? The Three-Layer Plot Matrix

Have you ever wondered how to create a good story arc?

In this video, I teach you how to develop a compelling plot using what I call the three-layer plot matrix.

This is a tool I’ve developed that combines (a) the standard four-part story arc, (b) Larry Brooks’s story structure, and (c) Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey model. (I’ve taken the liberty to altar these three sources and make them my own).

I’ll show you how these three devices overlap one another, and then how they correlate in ways that allow you to build a plot that “feels good” to your readers.

You can download the PDF here: The Three-Layer Plot Matrix

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Special thanks to Mrs. Gilliam and the students of her Creative Writing Class at Watertown High School for requesting this special instructional video while formal school is out of session.

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