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What is an Infinita Sentia Aux Coin?

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Brass, ebony enamel, and just shy of two inches across with lots of lines and cryptic words.

Perhaps you found an Infinita coin on a restaurant table or in the metro.

Or maybe someone randomly handed you one in a bar.

Ultimately, the find left you wondering, "What is this coin?"

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a "challenge coin" celebrating my Infinita science fiction trilogy. If you're not familiar with challenge coins and their history, a brief review of this wiki article will bring you up to speed. If you already know what they are, then you know never to be caught emptied pocketed again ("Coin check!").

Your new Infinita coin commemorates the noble achievements of the fictional politicast of the Sentia Aux whose mission it is to make contact with extrasolar sentient intelligence. Yup, aliens. And since many of the group's members are defense and science officers, they minted custom coins to bestow on friends and strangers alike. And now, you're one of them.

I've always been fascinated with items the help bridge the divide between fiction and reality. In this case, the characters hand each other fictional coins in the story. But in real life, you hold a physical version in your own hand. Some call it collectible memorabilia. I call it magic.

The politicast's motto "Forging paths through darkness" encircles one side of the design in English and the other side in Latin. This means you've joined the ranks of those pushing the boundaries of the known universe.

If you'd like more information on my Inifnita trilogy, you can purchase the books in digital, physical, and audiobook formats. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Last thing. If the person who handed you the coin was a below average looking bald white male with above average blue eyes, then you may have met the author himself.

No matter how you got your coin, I hope you enjoy it. I'd love to hear where you acquired yours in the comments below. (And for those who don't have, you can purchase one here).

As you were.


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I don't think you are below average looking, you are cute! You have spunky eyes. I bet you are a troublemaker. I was lucky enough to receive the coin as a gift. Besides all that, "you have swag". I show my coin off when people come to my house, and talk about the VIP club. Many Regards.


I received mine gifted and freshly minted from said bald guy with above average blue eyes. I have it displayed on my desk at work.


Mark "Tom" Clancy
Mark "Tom" Clancy
Jun 19, 2022

I was lucky enough to have been gifted my coin by said below average looking white male, and I am grateful that he did, it sitasproudly displayed at my home with my treasured memorabilia

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