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“Which of Your Books Are Suited For My Children?”

One of the frequently asked questions I receive is from parents asking which books are good for their kids. As with any questioning regarding parenting, every family is different (as is every child), so the ultimate decision is yours. So kids read LOTR at six years old, others can’t handle suspense until they’re in their late teens.

That said, the following recommendations are based on the most general advice I would give to my own kids.

(1) The Berinfell Prophecies (3 books)

These books I co-wrote with award-winning bestselling author Wayne Thomas Batson. Of all the books I’ve written, these are the only ones specially written and edited for 10-14-year-olds. They are true Young Adult fantasy. They’re fun, meaningful, and have great characters and rich themes. Also, thousands of youth have grown up with, so they’re time tested and proven.

(2) Sky Riders (1 book; more TBA)

Also YA meant for 10-14 year olds (but loved by adults), this book is one of my personal favorites. It’s aviation steampunk. That means floating balloon cities, flying machines, and pilots who ride giant birds. It’s a great story about family, loyalty, and racing.

(3) The White Chronicles (3 books)

TWLC represents my earliest work, and in the genre of high fantasy (think Lord of the Rings with some Chronicles of Narnia). It doesn’t have anything too weird, though my wife says it’s too violent for her. I’ve several 10-yr-olds read it, but I generally recommend 13 and up.

(4) Ruins of the Galaxy (9 books)

This is true space-opera scifi (think Star Wars but a touch grittier). Still age appropriate for tweens, but maybe with supervision. One of my sons read the whole series at age 10. I’m very proud of this series, co-written with USA Today bestselling author J.N. Chaney.

(5) Ruins of the Earth (currently 3 books)

This is the prequel series to Ruins of the Galaxy (Takes place on Earth 4,000 years before ROTE book 1). It is hard military scifi, and it would not be appropriate for those under 16 due to language and violence. It’s more gritty and informed by real-life combat scenarios and culture from military veterans.

(6) Resonant Son (2 books)

This would be the least age appropriate just after ROTE. Language and violence are more prevalent. This story takes place in J.N. Chaney’s Renegade Universe.

Hopefully that helps you make the best decision for your child Thank you for promoting the love of reading (and listening) with your kiddos.

All my best,



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