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Don’t be left behind! Grow your collection and get Pi Tae's character trading card and poker chip today (008 - Series 1).


Like all items in the series, this card and companion chip are custom-designed by Christopher Hopper, and include character stats, backstory snippets, quotes, series backgrounds, card designators, print batch groupings, and rarity. 


Single cards and chips are best for fans who are looking to collect a few of their favorite characters from Christopher’s stories. If you are looking to collect the entire series, get this card in our pre-selected Series Set Alpha of ten different characters and save 30%.


The Basic Card comes in a penny sleeve inserted into a top loader hard sleeve, while the Basic Chip comes in a coin capsule. Both items arrive in Hopperverse presentation folders and ship domestically and internationally in padded envelopes for protection. 


Can't decide between cards or chips?


No problem. Upgrade to the Basic Combo Pack and get both the character's card and chip, instantly saving $3.99. This is the perfect option for those who want the best of both worlds.


Want graded items in premium cases?


Select our Premium Card option to receive your character in one of our MagPro magnetic card holder cases (180 pt / 7/16th inch / 11mm) or our Premium Chip option to get your character in our deluxe display case (130 pt / 5/16th inch / 8mm). Each piece comes with a certified and graded slab and is sticker-sealed for proof of enclosure. Combined both in our Premium Combo Pack to save $9.99 instantly. (Click here for more information on our grading standards).


Hardcore collector?


Purchase the Autographed Premium Combo Pack to have your card and chip personalized and signed by Christopher. Both items are graded and sticker-sealed in our MagPro card and deluxe chip cases. This combo includes a second unsigned card and chip for your album sleeves.


Get a bonus foil card!


For every thirty (30) character cards purchased in the series, you are automatically sent a Special Edition Foil Card free. Each mystery character is Christopher's secret and not for sale.


What's the quality like?


We don't like to brag, but our trading cards are printed on 16-point premium card stock hand-rolled on the thighs of Androchidan royalty, printed with inks squeezed from colorful Kamigarian hair follicle glands, pressed with die-cut rounded corners, and then sprayed in a fine aqueous matte coating.


Meanwhile, our casino-grade composite poker chips are cast in Ambimbola's forges on Oorajee, sanded to his exacting standards by Venrah bristle pads, and then slathered with a lustrous blaster-proof top coat of filtered Sorin Kah bile. Kinda gross, but kinda cool too.


Satisfaction Guaranteed! 


We stand behind all our products with a no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee. (What a mouthful). If you're not satisfied, neither are we. Just ship us the products you’re not happy with and we’ll refund your money, including original shipping.


Product Pricing Guide:


  • Basic Card: $9.99
    • Includes: one card with penny sleeve inside a top loader hard sleeve.
  • Basic Chip: $13.99
    • Includes: one chip inside coin capsule.
  • Basic Combo Pack: $19.99 - SAVE $3.99
    • Includes: one card with penny sleeve inside a top loader hard sleeve; one chip inside coin capsule.
  • Premium Card: $25.99
    • Includes: one card, graded in our MagPro case with slab, sticker sealed.
  • Premium Chip: $29.99
    • Includes: one chip, graded in our deluxe display case with slab, sticker sealed.
  • Premium Combo Pack: $45.99 - SAVE $9.99
    • Includes: one card, graded in our MagPro case with slab, sticker sealed; one chip, graded in our deluxe display case with slab, sticker sealed.
  • Autographed Premium Combo Pack: $99.99
    • Includes: two cards, one autographed and graded in our MagPro case with slab, sticker sealed, the other unsigned in a penny sleeve inside top loader hard sleeve; two chips, one autographed and graded in a deluxe display case with slab, sticker sealed, the other unsigned in a coin capsule.


Want to buy more characters at a time?


Get up to 30% OFF when you buy this card in its pre-selected character Series Set Alpha of ten different cards and chips. This option is exclusively for the hardcore collectors who want to indulge in the full experience.


All products are designed, printed, and manufactured in the USA.

008: Pi Tae Masooba

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