Carry the same piece that Master Sergeant "Rook" gives to Evelyn and Jericho during the fatal events on Astraea Station.


This custom-cast 1-ounce bronze coin celebrates the release of Christopher's 25th novel Oblivion Awaits, book 1 in the Infinita Series. The coin is inlaid with ebony enamel and measures 44 x 3mm (1.75 x 0.11"), featuring the name of the joint NUESSA and SESI exploration program on the front face, Infinita. On the backside, the overlapped rings of the Sentia Aux politicast float beneath the beams of enlightenment. And on both sides, the famed mantra "Forging paths through darkness" encircles the designs—one in English, the other in Latin.


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Sentia Aux Challenge Coin