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I've Launched a New Podcast: Life in Pages

I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Many of my closest friends have said they've been waiting for me to start a podcast, and I suppose I've been waiting for me to start a podcast too.

Given that I've been public speaking for the last thirty years, podcasting seems to be a natural progression. I certainly love sharing what I'm writing, and I enjoying using my background in audio to craft each episode. Moreover, people have been extremely encouraging about the first four shows, so I'm gonna keep it up.

And this isn't a "normal" podcast either. Meaning, I'm not just riffing and wasting your (or mine) time. Ain't no body got time for that.

Instead, each episode is hand-crafted by yours truly. I trust you can hear the production quality too. It's painstaking at times, but I'd rather give you something of quality that just seek to fill space. As a result of the production energy, I'm only putting out new episodes every two weeks. But I think they're worth the wait. You be the judge.

To get started, click here to select your preferred platform. Then chose from any of the first four episodes to get started.

See you in the pages,


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