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Ruins of the Earth Book 1 Launches Strong

It’s launch day for Ruins of the Earth (Book 1)—and at just 99¢ too.

Along with the incredible team at Variant, Jeff and I are stoked to bring you this first installment in the new Ruins prequel series.

Several readers have asked if you need to have read Ruins of the Galaxy to appreciate this series. The answer is no; Ruins of the Earth is a standalone series meant to be enjoyed as its own unique entry into the larger ruins Unityverse. But readers of the flagship series will appreciate the many Easter eggs laid throughout the book.

This story follows a retired US Marine Raider, Patrick “Wic” Finnegan, and his ragtag band of Phantoms on a mission to save the Earth against an ominous fate—perfect for fans of District 9, Stargate SG-1, Galaxys Edge, and Expeditionary Force.

Please note that we recommend this series for readers 16 years of age and up due to military violence, language, and adult themes.

I am incredibly grateful to my alpha readers for their input on this book. Several of them are combat veterans who generously lent their time and experience to make this story feel the way it does. Their service should inspire us all to greatness.

For all those who have already left reviews, thank you so much for helping propel the book to more readers and support us as we endeavor to bring you more great stories.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as we loved writing it.

See you in the Ruins,



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